Bigg Boss 17 Day 21 Highlights: Munawar hides coffee in his underwear; Abhishek gets kicked out of Dil Ka Ghar

    Munawar Faruqui takes a stand against Ankita Lokhande, Vicky Jain and team stealing food while Abhishek Kumar loses his bed as well as luxury items

    Bigg Boss 17 Day 21 Highlights: Munawar hides coffee in his underwear; Abhishek gets kicked out of Dil Ka Ghar

    After a fun and entertaining weekend full of vaar, the 21st day in the Bigg Boss 17 house began with an intense discussion about coffee. At the moment, Dimaag Ka Ghar is the only house which has luxury food items. So when Munawar Faruqui caught Ankita Lokhande drinking coffee, he was obviously upset. He later found a pot full of stolen coffee along with two oranges and hid it in his underwear when Aishwarya Sharma ran behind him to snatch it back. Abhishek Kumar later went into the Dimaag Ka Ghar and picked up things from their ration for the Dil Ka Ghar along with Ankita and Isha Malviya.

    They ended up dropping a bowl full of butter on the ground while running to hide it in their room. This coffee fiasco ended up in arguments between Abhishek and Isha, as well as Ankita and her husband Vicky Jain. In the end, Munawar cleaned the coffee pot but didn’t return to coffee which Aishwarya stole again from the store room. Later friends turned enemies Sana Raees Khan and Vicky sat down to sort things out. They discussed how they connect intellectually and Vicky told her that he's not a person who does things according to what his wife says. Sana asked if he can prove his loyalty now and they buried the hatchet.

    Sunday Chill with Arbaaz and Sohail began with the Khan brother reenacting Isha’s reaction to her boyfriend Samarth Jurel’s wild card entry. They were on point! They even teased Khanzaadi and Abhishek, who have been flirting with each other constantly. Khanzaadi and Abhishek shared that they are good friends and are just going with the flow for now. Later Vicky and Ankita had a fight again because Sohail and Arbaaz said that Ankita has become chutney in the house. Vicky told her to do what she wants starting now, support who she wants and they will talk after the show. Ankita and Mannara Chopra also had an argument because the latter called the Pavitra Rishta actress ‘fake’. Meanwhile Munawar confided in Mannara and shared that Ankita needs to play her game individually without Vicky Bhaiya’s help.

    Towards the end of the day, Bigg Boss gave the contestants of Dil Ka Ghar ‘once in a Bigg Boss offer’. They got a chance to choose any 5 luxury items each for their houses. Bigg Boss agreed to give them all these items but there’s a condition– the 6 housemates have to collectively decide who they lost the ration task because of. They would also have to kick out that contestant from their house. They ultimately chose Abhishek but Isha decided to sacrifice herself. Abhishek gets kicked out of the house and Bigg Boss announces that he won’t be able to use any luxury ration items but adds that Abhishek was not at fault.

    Later when Vicky and Ankita were talking to Abhishek, Bigg Boss taunted Vicky Bhaiya and asked him how many minutes the episode stretched to. He sarcastically called Vicky the writer and director of the show. At night, Abhishek and Khanzaadi continued their flirty conversations in the garden area. Abhishek said he was only joking in the end but things got more serious for him when they hugged and held hands. Khanzaadi told him that she stops herself from getting close when she sees Isha, but Abhishek calls it an excuse. Khanzaadi tells him that he is still not over Isha.

    Tonight, we will see an intense fight between Aishwarya and Vicky. It’s going to be too much fun!