Bigg Boss 17 Day 31 Highlights: Ankita tells Vicky she might be pregnant, reveals feeling unwell

    Take a look at what took place on Bigg Boss 17 on its 31st episode. The episode saw Ankita Lokhande tell Vicky Jain that she might be pregnant. 

    Ankita Lokhande and Vicky Jain

    Ankita Lokhande and Vicky Jain

    Yesterday’s episode of Bigg Boss 17 witnessed the nominations and some high-octane drama. Ankita Lokhande received the maximum amount of nominations. On the other hand, she also made a shocking revelation to her husband and co-contestant Vicky Jain during an argument.

    Talking about the same, the episode begins with everyone dancing to the BB anthem in the morning. Mannara Chopra tells Neil Bhatt and Aishwarya Sharma about Munawar Faruqui’s behavioral change while the couple complain about Ankita and Vicky being unhygienic. Bigg Boss then announces that he has decorated the activity area with Diyas wherein the nominations will occur. Ankita is upset with Vicky for calling her quickly to the activity room where she did not even get ready properly. Except for Rinku Dhawan who is safe and Anurag Dhobal who is nominated for the evictions until the end of the show, everyone else nominates each other. Ankita receives the maximum of the nominations and gets nominated along with Sunny Arya, Anurag, and Khanzaadi. The Dimaag room gets an option to nominate another contestant who is saved. They unanimously decide and take Abhishek Kumar’s name, thus he also gets nominated.

    Sunny, Arun Mahashetty, and Anurag decide to blame Vicky if they are confronted for nominating Abhishek. Aishwarya Sharma calls Ankita a liar while the latter tells Vicky that everyone in the house hates me so they have nominated her. Sana Raees Khan becomes upset that her Dimaag room is making her the scapegoat for giving Abhishek’s name during the nominations. Vicky also confronts the lawyer for nominating her own room member. Abhishek and Ankita get into an ugly fight in the kitchen area. Anurag then reveals that it was Vicky who asked everyone to give Sana’s name if asked who volunteered for Abhishek to get nominated. This leads to a spat between Sana and Vicky wherein the latter is also confronted by Abhishek. Vicky gets angry at Anurag for throwing him under the bus and later talks with Abhishek wherein they criticize Anurag. Sunny and Arun think that Anurag cannot be trusted in the game.

    Ankita and Vicky have a massive fight wherein the former accuses him of not giving her enough time. Sana and Isha Malviya also get into an ugly fight wherein the lawyer tells the actress that she is only surviving on the show due to a love angle. Ankita and Vicky again have an intense conversation wherein the Pavitra Rishta actress tells him that she has been unwell for some time. Ankita furthermore adds that she thinks she might be pregnant and has also gotten a test done for the same. She also reveals missing her periods for the month. They argue more for their growing differences on the show.

    Bigg Boss rewards the Dil room with chocolates. Sana apologizes to Sunny and Arun for her behavior. Mannara pulls Munawar’s leg while Ankita complains about Vicky to Isha but Samarth Jurel is seen making fun of the actress from behind. Mannara flirts with Abhishek which makes Khanzaadi angry. However, Abhishek manages to make Khanzaadi laugh. Munawar pulls Vicky and Ankita’s legs in a hypothetical scenario wherein Vicky flirts with Sana after Ankita is evicted from the show. Despite the chocolates only being for room no 1, Ankita shares the same with Vicky while Abhishek gives the chocolates to Khanzaadi. Mannara also tells her room members that Ankita is sharing the chocolates with the members of the Dimaag room. The episode ends with the Dil room members trying to eat all the chocolates or hide them so that they cannot be shared.