Bigg Boss 17 Day 32 Highlights: Khanzaadi engages in an ugly spat with Aishwarya, Munawar and Mannara's bond gets strong

    After fight with Abhishek and Munawar, Khanzaadi cried and Ankita consoled her. Khanzaadi then told her that Abhishek is flirting with her for footage.

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    Bigg Boss 17

    The latest episode of Bigg Boss 17 witnessed a discussion about ration, Bigg Boss’ Diwali bash and Khanzaadi’s conflicts with other housemates. It began with Mannara Chopra and Aishwarya Sharma having a conversation about ration. Khanzaadi was discussing Abhishek with Ankita Lokhande and Vicky Jain. Munawar was also sitting there. Rinku Dhawan came there to tell Vicky that they could share ration. Following this, Khanzaadi and Munawar got into an ugly fight after the latter said something in between. Abhishek came to stop Khanzaadi but she also began arguing with him.

    After the fight with Abhishek and Munawar, Khanzaadi cried and Ankita consoled her. Khanzaadi then told her that Abhishek was flirting with her for footage. Later, she came to the lawn and got triggered by the conversation taking place among Aishwarya, Neil, Jigna, and others. An ugly fight began between her and Aishwarya Sharma. Aishwarya said something about Khanzaadi and Abhishek, the latter entered the conversation and said not to drag him. Following this, Ankita pacified Khanzaadi and asked her to calm down. Further, Jigna Vora asked about underwear left in the bathroom. Khanzaadi said that it was Sana’s. Ankita then said that it must be a mistake, later Sana said sorry.

    Later, Bigg Boss locked the box again after complaining about sharing chocolates with others. He asked Mannara to leave the key in the store room. Further, he told Ankita and Mannara that they had something waiting in the store room. He announced a Diwali Bash Party for the contestants. He said he is going to send cards and only the names written on the cards will be invited to the party. The contestants patiently waited for their names to be called out. Towards the end, it was seen that everyone was invited to the party.

    Further, Bigg Boss announced another twist in the party and said that he would conduct a card competition and the winners would get a ration as a prize. In the game, three contestants from each makaan were given three cards that contained pictures of other contestants of whom they had to describe their bad qualities. The selected two judges for each round decided the winner. The winner for the first round was Mannara followed by Ankita.

    Abhishek and Munawar got into a verbal spat while distributing ration. Isha and Abhishek then said that Munawar always tries to be a bigger person and others misunderstand them. Later Samarth and Isha get into an argument over her bond with Abhishek. Samarth disrespected Isha, and the latter said that she is good friends with Abhishek. Then Abhishek entered their conversation asking if there was any problem but Samarth denied it. Abhishek was then seen expressing disappointment in Vicky which the latter manages it.

    Towards the end of the episode, Munawar told Mannara that he knew their bond was strong and other opinions did not matter to him. Ankita was seen having a conversation with Arun and Sunny about Abhishek’s aggression in the house.