Bigg Boss 17 Day 34 Highlights: Salman Khan mimics MC Stan, Mannara gets upset on learning about Munawar’s steady GF

    While MC Stan reunited with Salman Khan, Bigg Boss 17’s Mannara Chopra got upset with contestants teasing Munawar Faruqui by the word ‘bhabhi’

    Bigg Boss 17 Day 34 Highlights: Salman Khan mimics MC Stan, Mannara gets upset on learning about Munawar’s steady GF

    The Weekend Ka Vaar episode began with Salman Khan introducing us to his niece Alizeh Agnihotri, who will be making her acting debut with Farrey. After sharing some words of wisdom with the young actor, Salman told Alizeh that contestants have no idea about voting lines being closed for the week. The superstar host then compared the housemates to the students of a school– while Ankita Lokhande was prom queen, whose boyfriend doesn’t want to take her to the prom, Mannara Chopra is the most talkative girl in the house. Salman later reached Tiger’s Den and called Khanzaadi along with Isha Malviya in, after sending Alizeh to the stage. Isha won and returned to the house with Tiger’s scarf.

    Cricket fever took over Bigg Boss! Salman entered the BB house and told the contestants that India is in the World Cup finals and will be playing against Australia next. Celebrating Team India’s performance, the contestants along with Salman played cricket. The runs made by the contestants and Salman, would be the hours that the kitchen will be open next week. At the end of the task, the contestants had won kitchen hours for 54 hours. Later Ankita gave Khanzaadi a pep talk when she broke down. She asked the latter to play alone and get out of the ‘pyaar chakkar’. Isha joined them and consoled Khanzaadi. Concerned for her, Abhishek Kumar went to ask Isha why Khanzaadi cried. Back on the stage, Salman welcomed the entire star cast of Farrey.

    They were joined by season 16 winner and beloved rap star MC Stan who gave two mesmerizing performances. It took a hilarious turn when Salman began mimicking MC Stan. But even the superstar started vibing with the music in the end. Stan then revealed what all changed for him after the show and even caught up with his old friend Munawar Faruqui. When asked who is shining the brightest, Stan named Munawar. He even gave Anurag Dobhal a pep talk. Later Salman and the team of Farrey gave contestants challenges– Abhishek and Samarth Jurel had to do planks with Sahil Mehta and Zeyn Shaw, while Sunny Arya aka Tehelka and Alizeh had to name Salman movies. Mannara and Alizeh, on the other hand, had to do hook steps from his film songs.

    Later Abhishek told Munawar that he feels Vicky Jain is trying to make the whole house against him. Meanwhile Isha and Vicky discussed the game. The game talk ended when the team of Farrey entered the BB house. In the first task the girls in the house selected and rejected bachelors. Isha selected Samarth while Mannara chose Munawar for the ‘prom’. In the background, everybody started teasing Munawar by talking about his girlfriend outside. Khanzaadi, on the other hand, rejected Abhishek because he used her to get attention from Isha. In the next task, contestants threw the housemate they think is a fresher into the pit because they still don’t understand the game.

    After the team of Farrey left, Mannara asked about Munawar’s girlfriend. The latter refused to disclose details and left her pretty upset. Later Anurag told Mannara that Munawar is dating an 18 year old. In the washroom area at night, Rinku told her that Munawar has a steady girlfriend. Mannara was upset because she had zero idea. When Aishwarya Sharma asked if she is developing feelings for Munawar, Mannara clarified that she isn’t. But she continued to look upset and admitted she became conscious, because she felt she was close to Munawar. During dinner, Isha asked Munawar why this is affecting Mannara. Meanwhile Abhishek took a breath of relief, happy about his angle with Khanzaadi coming to an end.