Bigg Boss 17 Day 36 Highlights: Navid gets eliminated, Khanzaadi brushes everyone the wrong way

    The 36th episode of Bigg Boss 17 witnessed a shocking elimination and some high-octane drama. 

    Navid Sole and Khanzaadi

    Navid Sole and Khanzaadi

    The 36th episode of Bigg Boss 17 witnessed some high-octane drama. There was a shocking elimination which left both the housemates and the fans fans stunned. Apart from that, some major fights again occurred between the contestants.

    At the beginning of the episode, an ugly fight breaks out between Abhishek Kumar and Mannara Chopra. Abhishek calls Mannara out for being too physical with Samarth Jurel and Aishwarya Sharma during a task. Munawar Faruqui makes Mannara understand where she might have gone wrong. Meanwhile, almost all the contestants, especially Neil Bhatt, Aishwarya, Rinku Dhawan, and Jigna Vora, argue with Khanzaadi because she does not wish to do the duties. Khanzaadi calls Rinku ‘Bewakoof’ because of which Neil gets extremely angry with her. Abhishek pulls Rinku aside and says Khanzaadi is a thankless person.

    Mannara’s tone triggers Rinku when she enquires about her fight with Khazaadi and the latter becomes angry. Ankita Lokhande tries explaining to Khanzaadi to improve her tone while Navid Sole shares a fun moment with Arun Mahashetty and Sunny Arya. After Abhishek and Samarth’s conversation, the former goes in the bathroom camera and says he is not falling for Samarth’s game plan. All the contestants dance to the BB anthem after which Abhishek and Isha Malviya talk about the former’s fallout with Ankita and Vicky. Khanzaadi again has an ugly fight with Neil and Aishwarya when the rapper tries to make her own coffee. Khanzaadi also confirms with Mannara whether she tried making her own coffee. Khanzaadi tells Mannara that she was extremely affected after their fight as she thought she was her friend. Khanzaadi then fights with Jigna over kitchen duties. Vicky finds Arun’s eye movements to be funny after which Bigg Boss calls the Dimaag room members inside the archive room.

    Bigg Boss tells the Dimaag room members that is Vicky, Arun, Sunny, Anurag Dhobal, and Sana Raees Khan that they will get special access to some footage, newspapers, and other facilities in due course of time. He then asks them to name any three contestants who are living on borrowed time and deserved to be out of the show till now. They decide and take Navid, Rinku, and Jigna’s name. Bigg Boss then announces the same names in front of all the other housemates. Navid is upset about his name being taken while Neil confronts Vicky for taking these names. Vicky maintains that these were the names that were approved by the majority. Bigg Boss then gives the Dum room the task of eliminating any one housemate out of these three since all of them are from the same room. The housemates decide and tell Navid’s name. He gets eliminated while everyone especially Khanzaadi and Abhishek breaks down. However, Aishwarya becomes angry at Khanzaadi for making Navid’s eviction about herself.

    Jigna, Rinku, and Mannara criticize Vicky’s game plan. Abhishek is upset because he has become attached to Navid. Neil discusses Vicky’s strategy with Jigna. Mannara tells Sana that she is under Vicky’s control. Khanzaadi goes to Rinku and Jigna saying that she will do her duty with them but they refuse asking her to give a valid reason for the same. Munawar and Vicky call out some contestants for losing the spark in the game. Khanzaadi says she will not do any duties since Jigna and Rinku are not agreeing to do any duties with her. Mannara tells Jigna, Rinku, and Aishwarya that Khanzaadi just wants attention. Abhishek tries to sort things out with Khanzaadi through Samarth. Ankita breaks down while remembering her late father while Munawar consoles her. Jigna also gets emotional while remembering her difficult times. Jigna says that it was unfair for the Dimaag room to take her and Rinku’s names since they have been doing something on the show instead of just lying inside a blanket.