Bigg Boss 17 Day 44 Highlights: Mannara and Abhishek get into an ugly spat, Ankita and Neil lock horns

    Take a look at the events which took place in the 44th episode of Bigg Boss 17.

    Abhishek And Mannara

    Abhishek And Mannara

    The latest episode of Bigg Boss 17 brought some high-octane drama between the contestants. Thanks to the nominations, there were some tensions flaring high between the housemates. While a new blossomed friendship also quickly turned sour.

    Talking about the same, the episode begins with the nominations taking place wherein the contestants have to nominate another contestant after being nominated themselves. This chain will continue until 6 people are nominated for the elimination. Anurag Dhobal is already nominated till the end of the season while Bigg Boss himself nominates Khanzaadi for her wanting to go home. Soon other contestants who were nominated were Rinku Dhawan, Vicky Jain, Ankita Lokhande, Neil Bhatt, Mannara Chopra, and Arun Mahashetty. Ankita and Neil fight aggressively after the nominations as the former calls him ‘Phattu’ (coward) for nominating her. He in turn calls her ‘Khokli’ (fake). Their spat continues for much longer after the nominations where their tones also become dangerously loud with each other.

    Vicky, Sunny Arya, and Arun discuss Mannara nominating the latter for evictions. Mannara and Neil call Ankita’s game fake. Ankita along with Isha Malviya and Abhishek Kumar make fun of Neil’s meltdown. Mannara comes to Arun to explain her decision of nominating him but the latter is very upset with her. Ankita tells Vicky that Neil played a very safe game by nominating her. When Ankita takes a dig at Mannara, the latter lashes out at her for barging into the conversation that she is having with Arun. Ankita asks Munawar Faruqui to take her stand in the fight. Munawar has a fun conversation with Mannara wherein he tells the latter that he will only win the show.

    Khanzaadi and Neil lock horns over kitchen duties. Aishwarya Sharma gets angry at Ankita for calling her husband Neil Aunty No 1. Isha calls Khanzaadi Chamchi No 1 which irks Ankita. However, Isha tells Ankita that it was for Khanzaadi and not her. Mannara tells Anurag to respect the show and not want to leave it. Ankita tells Munawar that she only trusts him and Vicky on the show. Anurag realizes that he has been making rash decisions while wanting to leave the show.

    In the end, we see a huge fight break out between Abhishek and Mannara. The latter’s tone irks Abhishek who tells her to mind her attitude with him. The two soon get into an ugly war of words wherein Mannara also calls him an a**. Abhishek also gets angry at Munawar for taking Mannara’s side in the whole scenario. The episode ends with Munawar telling Rinku how Abhishek’s conduct was very rash and impulsive.