Bigg Boss 17 Day 43 Highlights: Bigg Boss declares a war against Anurag, latter wants to leave the show

    Take a look at what happened on the 43rd episode of Bigg Boss 17.

    Anurag Dhobal

    Anurag Dhobal

    The latest episode of Bigg Boss 17 witnessed some high-octane drama especially involving Bigg Boss himself. The tensions continued between the two couples who have graced the show. On the other hand, Bigg Boss declared war on one of the contestants on the show.

    The episode began with Abhishek Kumar and Vicky Jain talking about Munawar Faruqui’s game. They say that he might purposely not play a very open game since he knows he will go till the end because of his fan following. Ankita Lokhande tells Munawar how she does not agree with how Vicky conducts himself sometimes. Bigg Boss calls out Anurag Dhobal openly for labeling the show biased. He says that he was partial towards Anurag out of all the people and tried to make him comfortable by calling him into the confession room. Plus Bigg Boss made a revelation that just like Ankita and Vicky’s parents, he also called Anurag’s family and his BroSena members on the show who refused to come. Now, Bigg Boss declares an open war against Anurag, tired of his cribbing.

    Mannara Chopra and Khanzaadi explain to Anurag that he is going wrong but end up fighting against each other. To taunt Anurag, Bigg Boss keeps on conversing with Arun Mahashetty. While Vicky and Abhishek confront Samarth Jurel for making some issues between them worse, Ankita clashes with Mannara and Isha Malviya over cleaning duties. Isha and Mannara are not satisfied with Ankita’s cleaning duties. The latter expresses disappointment with Isha for not talking to her privately.

    Samarth gets into an argument with Isha. Anurag gets upset with Mannara’s choice of words while trying to explain to him where he is going wrong. She tells him that he should consider leaving the show. But Munawar asks Anurag to reconsider his decision. Khanzaadi also has a breakdown in front of Mannara. In the night, we see Isha, Mannara, and Sana Raees Khan discussing Ankita and Vicky’s relationship. The next day after the Bigg Boss anthem plays, Anurag has made up his mind to leave the show. He tells Bigg Boss he wants to make a voluntary exit and is ready to pay the compensation price of Rs 2 crore. All the housemates make fun of him. The episode ends with Neil Bhatt getting into a fight with Vicky and then his wife, Aishwarya Sharma. Khanzaadi and Ankita explain to Anurag once again about his rash decision.