Bigg Boss 17 Day 52 Highlights: Ankita and Vicky get a tempting offer to enter Dil room

    The latest episode of Bigg Boss 17 saw Bigg Boss re-opening the three rooms. 

    A still from Bigg Boss 17

    A still from Bigg Boss 17

    Yesterday (December 6)’s episode of Bigg Boss 17 saw a huge twist on the show. Bigg Boss re-opened the three rooms once again. However, this time, the contestants had to prove themselves capable of entering their choice of rooms.

    The episode begins with Munawar Faruqui talking to himself about everyone’s game. Abhishek Kumar breaks down in the bathroom area because Isha Malviya’s words affect him. Munawar and Mannara Chopra sort out their differences. Ankita Lokhande says that everyone has high expectations from Vicky Jain and that he should play from the front foot. The next day, everyone dances to the BB anthem. Vicky lashes out at Sana Raees Khan for now being duty-free and taunting him. Ankita also gets angry at Sana when she calls her husband demeaningly. Aishwarya Sharma and Khanzaadi start fighting over the latter’s attitude towards duties.

    Aishwarya tells Ankita not to support Khanzaadi blindly. Sana apologizes for her words to Ankita. Vicky asks Sana to put the vase properly which she had put on the ground. Bigg Boss calls everyone to the main hall and announces that he is opening the rooms and now there will be a decision as to who will be in which room. He first calls Ankita inside the therapy room and offers her that her group can go inside the Dil room if she nominates Vicky for the entire season instead of Neil Bhatt. She refuses and then Vicky is given the same offer which he turns down too. He makes a counter-offer that he can relieve Neil of being nominated for the entire season and Anurag Dhobal can continue serving the punishment again. But Bigg Boss refuses to do the same and they lose the opportunity to go to the Dil room and Bigg Boss tells them to go to the Dum room.

    Vicky’s group entered the Dum group and Anurag expressed his disappointment with his decision to throw him under the bus. Isha and Munawar pull the legs of the Dum room members. Ankita and Vicky also get into a war of words and the latter gets even more angry when Sana jumps into the fight. Neil, Aishwarya, Isha, and Samarth Jurel give their petitions to enter the Dimaag room. But ultimately Bigg Boss puts Aishwarya and Arun Mahashetty in that room. The remaining lot goes inside the Dil room. The episode ends with Mannara talking to Anurag about his equation with Vicky.