Bigg Boss 17 Day 53 Highlights: Isha exposes Abhishek's one-night stands, Arun wins immunity task

    Bigg Boss announced an immunity task wherein he asked the members from each house to choose a name who can get the immunity for the week.

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    Bigg Boss 17

    The latest episode of the Bigg Boss 17 began with house contestants waking up to the anthem. Isha Malviya and Samarth Jurel were seen indulging in PDA in the garden. Aishwarya called Vicky and Abhishek as she distributed the ration, however, she refused to do it after they didn’t come. Abhishek and Aishwarya got into an argument and said that she is rude. Arun then interrupted telling him to get lost. Abhishek then got into ugly spat with Arun. Khanzaadi told Aishwarya not to be egoistic, and said that she can’t be seen, she is small. Samarth stopped Khanzaadi from passing body shaming remarks.Munawar requested Aishwarya to not fight with everyone in the kitchen as everyone is cooking food.

    Next, Abhishek and Isha got into ugly verbal fight wherein they took potshots at each other. While Isha exposed his one-night stands, Abhishek said that she used beauty injections. He further dragged her family into the fight, and she also gave it back by dragging his family. Abhishek also questioned Isha's character, and Samarth tried to stop Abhishek but he did not listen. The other members also tried to stop Abhishek from getting too aggressive.

    Later, Vicky advised Isha to not bring personal problems and families into their fights. Abhishek also joined the conversation and spoke aggressively with Isha. Samarth then picked up a fight with Abhishek after he continued to misbehave with Isha. Samarth later made Isha understand she doesn’t have to stoop low to Abhishek’s level. If she does, nobody will support her. He also told her that if she became friends with Abhishek, it wouldn't look nice. Isha cried but Samarth left angrily.

    Bigg Boss announced an immunity task wherein he asked the members from each house to choose a name who can get the immunity for the week. He gave some time to the contestants to select the names. After conflicts and confusion, Neil and Arun became contenders, while no contender could stand from House 3. In the task, the house turned into a battlefield where the selected contestants for immunity acted as the king, while other contestants had to save their favourite king's soldiers and destroy the other king's army. At the beginning of the task, Samarth touched Aishwarya inappropriately and the latter created chaos. Khanzaadi tries to stop the fight and then stopped girls from entering board.Ankita, Aishwarya shouted at Khanzaadi but she didn’t listen.

    During the task, Isha and Abhishek again blasted at each other. Isha shouted at Abhishek and pushed him away. Abhishek got aggressive and Samarth pulled him away and said stay away from her. The fight turned physical, however, the other housemates controlled the situation. The immunity task finally ended and Bigg Boss asked Khanzaadi to declare the winner. Arun won the task and decided to use the immunity for the next week. Everyone believed that Khanzaadi made a biased decision. Ankita and Isha discussed Khanzaadi not letting women play in the game.