Bigg Boss 17 Day 71 Highlights: Samarth parts ways with Isha; Munawar breaks ties with Mannara, gets closer to Ayesha

    Here’s what happened in the Bigg Boss 17 house last night after Aishwarya Sharma was sent home by Isha Malviya

    Bigg Boss 17 Day 71 Highlights: Samarth parts ways with Isha; Munawar breaks ties with Mannara, gets closer to Ayesha

    Post Aishwarya Sharma's eviction from Bigg Boss 17, Neil Bhatt called Isha Malviya ‘darpok’ and ‘giri hui’ last night. They got into a verbal spat and soon Samarth Jurel joined in. Later while arguing about her decision to eliminate Aishwarya with Munawar Faruqui, Isha used the word 'love angle'. This didn't go down well with Ayesha Khan who asked Isha not to drag her into this conversation. Mannara Chopra explained that this will happen as Ayesha's name is now connected with Munawar.

    Meanwhile, Abhishek Kumar told Isha that she should not take decisions based on someone else's wishes. Isha explained that things he says about Samarth affect her indirectly because they are together. Abhishek explained that he genuinely likes Samarth, but latter constantly pokes him. Isha agreed but admitted that Samarth's words won't change how she feels because she is with him now. Watching them talk, Samarth got annoyed. Later defending Isha's decision to choose Aishwarya instead of Anurag for eviction, Ankita Lokhande stated that more than Isha's bond with Anurag, Isha was affected by how much Aishwarya hurt her.

    At night Samarth told Isha that she knows he doesn't like her talking to Abhishek. He added that she doesn't acknowledge this which is why he has to make a decision. Samarth stated that they can't be together on the show and they can later see where the relationship goes when they are out of the BB house. Samarth told her that he is ashamed of himself and feels hurt that she is talking to Abhishek even though he insulted her in the past. Isha broke down but Samarth maintained that they will sort out things after the show. At bed time Isha tried to talk to him, but Samarth shrugged it off.

    The next morning Abhishek recalled a day on set when Isha was getting married in their show and another actor had to put sindoor on her forehead. He revealed that in the vanity room he put sindoor on her head first, it was cleaned and only after that she resumed shoot with the other actor. Hearing this, Ankita remembered how her late ex boyfriend Sushant Singh Rajput had booked an entire theatre hall for him and her when his movie Shuddh Desi Romance released. She shared how jealous and upset she got at his intimate scenes and kissing shots as she sat and watched the movie, while he ran away. Later at home he apologized and they made up. Ankita also shared that Vicky has a similar reaction when she romances someone on screen. Meanwhile Munawar got upset watching Ayesha give Anurag a head massage. In a conversation with Ankita, he even admitted that he's in love with Ayesha but isn't sure about getting into a relationship.

    In a conversation with Vicky, Mannara expressed that she's hurt about Munawar not trying to mend things with her. Later at night Mannara began taunting Abhishek regarding Munawar, while the latter was sitting at a distance. One comment didn't sit right with Ayesha and she stood up against Mannara. When Ayesha asked Mannara not to take her name, the latter stated that Ayesha will be included in conversations regarding Munawar as she's in the show only because of him. Munawar then got upset when Mannara mentioned his 'friend from outside'. She stated that his friend might come the next season. During this argument he dropped a glass bottle on the floor, hurting himself. He walked off after screaming at Mannara and it soon turned into a verbal spat between the latter and Ayesha. Later Ayesha went to the bathroom area looking low. Munawar went there and tried to boost her morale. After a while he went back to argue. Alone in the bathroom, Ayesha apologized to Munawar’s ex girlfriend Nazila that her name was dragged into all this. In the end, Munawar asked Mannara not to call him her friend.

    Before bed time, Munawar told Ayesha that Aoora is uncomfortable with her kissing him constantly. Meanwhile Mannara explained to Aoora that if he's uncomfortable with Ayesha he should tell her clearly and should also bring this up in nominations and tasks.