Bigg Boss 17 Day 8 Highlights: Munawar opens up about his ex wife and son; Vicky asks Ankita if he is her slave

    While Munawar Faruqui opened up about getting custody of his son, Ankita Lokhande yet again expressed disappointment with husband Vicky Jain on day 8 in Bigg Boss 17

    Bigg Boss 17 Day 8 Highlights: Munawar opens up about his ex wife and son; Vicky asks Ankita if he is her slave

    The first day after Bigg Boss season 17’s first Weekend Ka Vaar began with a lot of chaos. While Khanzaadi and Ankita Lokhande had a major showdown in the kitchen, Anurag Dobhal aka Babu Bhaiya felt that YouTubers weren’t getting enough importance on the reality show. He spent most of his day discussing the same with both Sunny Arya as well as Arun Srikanth Mashettey, but ended up in trouble for doing so. Bigg Boss called him to the main hall and told the rest of the housemates how Anurag feels that BB favours TV actors and couples. BB decided to give him extra screen time and explained that the contestants who do work for his show will be in his list of favourites.

    Anurag was further accused of confusing the housemates and stretching boring conversations. Later in the day, Babu Bhaiya got homesick and broke down. Seeing him, Munawar Faruqui also couldn't stop his tears and broke down. In an emotional state, the stand up comic told Neil Bhatt that he has a 5 year old son. Munawar shared that his ex wife got married and he finally got custody of his son around 6 months ago, when he came to his house to live with him. Munawar went on to explain that seeing someone miss their mother hits him in a different way, because he remembers his mother who passed away 16 years ago. Later Anurag and Munawar cried and hugged out all the pain they felt.

    Another major highlight of last night’s episode was when Abhishek Kumar refused to do his daily duties. He claimed that Khanzaadi is not working and nobody was forcing her, so even he won't. When Sunny tried to intervene, Abhishek kept his arms behind and began to instigate him like day one. Arun tried to stop Sunny but Tehelka bhai picked up something and threw it at Abhishek. Isha started screaming and told bigg Boss it could have hurt her. Abhishek then continuously asked Bigg Boss to check the footage, and later got scolded. Bigg Boss threatened to take action against him before giving the contestants a chance to rest. BB told the housemates that they will be allowed to sleep if nobody has a one on one conversation with Abhishek.

    There was also some pyaar and lots of takraar on the Monday episode. Speaking of takraar, things got worse between Ankita Lokhande and Vicky Jain. The husband wife seem to be going through a rough patch lately. Last night, their fights began with Ankita stating that it affects her when Vicky entertains Khanzaadi because she has issues with the latter. Ankita once again told Vicky that she feels lonely in the show. Later at night, she lauded his game but added, “As a husband, I'm not happy. I'm really not happy.” Upset with the constant altercations, Vicky told her to stop disrespecting him and also asked if he is her slave who should run behind her all day. This went on the next morning too with Ankita in tears and Vicky storming off in anger. He even recalled a rough patch they had earlier faced, which went on for 6 months to a year. They decided to play separately, like they had promised each other before the show, and later hugged it out.

    Coming to pyaar– as Shah Rukh Khan once said, pyaar dosti hai. One bond that has wonderfully been blossoming in the BB house is the one shared by Munawar and actress Mannara Chopra. The latter even made a rap which Munawar later added on to, by calling himself Raja and her Rani in the lyrics. There was a slight speedbreaker when Mannara felt that Munawar doesn't like to sit and talk with her. Sana Raees Khan even stated that Mannara isn’t Munawar’s priority. But things got fine again when the two sat together later in the day, with Abhishek shipping them with the rest of the country. Ankita also teased them, but she joked that Munawar and Mannara are like long lost siblings.

    Well, with the contestants well rested, we can’t wait for tasks and stunts to begin this week!