Bigg Boss 17 Day 96 Highlights: Ankita Lokhande breaks down over Vicky Jain's laugh, Mannara Chopra calls Ayesha Khan 'vulnerable'

    Ankita Lokhande got affected by Vicky Jain's behaviour, while Mannara Chopra got verbally attacked by Isha Malviya in the last episode of Bigg Boss 17. 

    Bigg Boss 17 Day 96 Highlights: Ankita Lokhande breaks down over Vicky Jain's laugh, Mannara Chopra calls Ayesha Khan 'vulnerable'

    In the latest episode of Bigg Boss 17, the four finalists Munawar Faruqui, Mannara Chopra, Arun Mashettey and Abhishek Kumar were congratulated by the Bigg Boss. The rest of the contestants Isha Malviya, Vicky Jain, Ankita Lokhande, and Ayesha Khan called them cowards in frustration. Isha pushed Abhishek and told him that he won’t get any girls in life. Vicky taunted Munawar that he had thought that he was a strong contestant but now he got to know his reality. Ankita shouted at Munawar and called him a coward and tried to talk to Munawar but he refused her, which left her irritated. Isha hurled abuses at Mannara and said that she has become two-timing with Munawar. Both lashed out at each other, while Mannara tried to calm her down but Isha kept on attacking her verbally, calling her characterless, fake and a coward. Vicky told Munawar reached the finale with helplessness. Munawar didn’t react and just let them speak.

    Ankita and Isha continued to attack Mannara and said that she is undeserving. Vicky appreciated Abhishek which he deserved. Ankita and Isha kept on body-shaming Mannara, while Vicky attacked Arun and Munawar. Ankita hugged Vicky and apologised for trusting Munawar in the game. Mannara passed comments on Vicky, and the latter appreciated her which left Ankita pissed off. Vicky and Ankita argued over Mannara. Vicky realised that he said the wrong things about Mannara the other day. But Ankita asked him to stop taking her side as it is not looking good. Mannara and Isha continued to be in a heated argument. Ankita again got offended when Mannara again wanted to talk to Vicky. Ankita insulted Mannara while Vicky tried to stop her. Ankita then said that she would show Mannara her place outside the house. Isha told Mannara that she is sh*t. Abhishek interrupted Isha and asked her not to say all this. Mannara said she work hard to earn.

    Later, Mannara asked Vicky to eat as the other three girls will suck the life out of him. Vicky advised her to not speak with Munawar as he is not worthy of a friend and she said she know it. In the kitchen area, Ankita again got into an argument with Arun and Mannara. Mannara came to Abhishek and Munawar and said Isha is taunting her so much and seemed like she is obsessed with her. Munawar said just ignore them. Mannara and Arun discussed Munawar and the latter told her to trust him. Next, Bigg Boss gifted personalised Appy fizz to the four finalists. The next morning, the contestants danced to the Bigg Boss anthem. Bigg Boss made the contestants perform a sales task in order to win cupcake treat. Mannara and Abhishek became the judges and they declared Munawar, Arun and Isha as winners in the task.

    Further, Vicky, Isha, Ankita and Ayesha discussed Mannara, and Vicky asked them not to speak ill about her anymore. Ayesha told Vicky that he is trying to defend Mannara. Vicky said he just wants to stop all this as they have only 8 days remaining. Ankita got offended when Vicky laughed before she tried to speak. Ankita cried and angrily left, while Isha told Vicky that he shouldn’t have laughed at her. Vicky went to check on Ankita, who broke down and said that she feels low in confidence. And blamed Vicky for putting her in this condition. She incessantly cried while Isha tried to console her. Vicky tried to defend himself but later accepted his mistake and said sorry to wailing Ankita. On the other hand, Munawar and Abhishek discussed Vicky and Ankita’s compatibility.

    Towards the end of the episode, Ayesha and Mannara got into a verbal spat when the former heard Mannara talking about her health. Mannara tried to explain herself but Ayesha refused to understand. Both Munawar and Abhishek tried to diffuse the matter, but Isha also entered the argument. Later, Mannara lost her calm and shouted at Ayesha for making a fuss out of no matter. Mannara called Ayesha vulnerable. Later, Ayesha tried to poke four finalists after the fight by entering their room while they tried to sleep. Vicky, Ankita, and Isha also supported her.