Bigg Boss 17 Day 98 Highlights: Salman Khan takes a dig at Vicky’s mother, slams Ankita and Isha; Ayesha gets evicted

    After a chat with their loved ones, Bigg Boss 17 host Salman Khan called out Ankita Lokhande and Isha Malviya for targeting Mannara Chopra

    Bigg Boss 17 Day 98 Highlights: Salman Khan takes a dig at Vicky’s mother, slams Ankita and Isha; Ayesha gets evicted

    Last night’s Weekend Ka Vaar episode began with a bittersweet eviction. Post the Bigg Boss Roast, where contestants poetically insulted each other in the presence of a crowd, wild card Ayesha Khan was voted out of Bigg Boss 17 by a live audience. But spirits were soon lifted again when Kriti Sanon and Shahid Kapoor joined Salman Khan on stage to promote their upcoming film Teri Baaton Mein Aisa Uljha Jiya. They had a fun time with the superstar host and also got a chance to play a special game with the contestants, where they mimicked each other.

    Later, contestant's family members were called to the stage. They didn't know it but the contestants could see them from the house. Abhishek's mother, Isha's father, Mannara's sister Mitali, Ankita's mother, Vicky's sister in law instead of his mother because the latter was not well. She stated that Vicky's mother is keeping fasts which is another reason she couldn't come. Salman smiled and took a dig by asking if she was also keeping fasts when she was giving media interviews. He joked that she was talking really ‘fast fast’ in her interviews as well. On the kick topic, which turned out to be such a big controversy, Salman clarified that Ankita didn't hit Vicky and they were only playing around.

    Salman pointed out that Vicky's mother claimed their family was against the wedding, to which Ankita's mother also expressed shock. Talking about the statement that Vicky's mother made about him spending money on Ankita, Salman clarified that Ankita is doing well for herself and added, "Actor se shaadi ki hai, toh paisa lagta hi hai." In the end Salman stated that Vicky will have to take a stand and ask his mother not to come in between.

    Coming to Mannara, Salman said she has managed to stay in Bigg Bosa for so long because she's organic and hasn't watched previous seasons. Mitali clarified that she doesn't like Munawar as anything more than a friend. Salman then moved to Isha's father. When asked if he thought Samarth was wrong in poking Abhishek, Isha's father agreed. Talking about her relationship with Samarth, Isha's father said the family will take a decision later by sitting down together and talking about it. Before bidding everyone adieu, Salman hilariously wished Vicky's sister in law all the best.

    When he went back to meet the contestants, Salman reminded Ankita how she reacted when Ayesha asked her to lick her feet as a joke. He condemned her for telling Mannara to sniff Vicky's socks after being nominated earlier this week. Salman called out Isha for her statements about Mannara as well, and for going extremely personal by saying things like ‘apne boss ko jaake pappi dede’. He also slammed Ankita for falling to the same level. Salman asked why they only targeted Mannara when they lost to a whole team in nominations. He wondered what Ankita's reality is and what is pretense. When Mannara chimed in to ask 'why me', Salman said I don't like people who whine about this because this happens. Salman said she should think why me, how did I reach here and feel lucky. After Salman went, Isha apologized to Mannara. Ankita, on the other hand, said she has already apologized and if Mannara doesn't want to accept it it's on her. The Pavitra Rishta star added that she has important things on her plate at the moment.