Bigg Boss 17 Highlights Day 104: Rohit Shetty alleges Munawar Faruqui was boring, calls out Abhishek Kumar for stooping low in fights

    In the latest episode of the Bigg Boss 17, filmmaker Rohit Shetty entered the house and grilled the contestants using allegations on them. 

    Bigg Boss 17 Highlights Day 104: Rohit Shetty alleges Munawar Faruqui was boring, calls out Abhishek Kumar for stooping low in fights

    It was another day at the Bigg Boss 17 house and as usual it began with the housemates waking up to the BB anthem and dancing together. Then they were seen interacting with each other in the kitchen area. Mannara Chopra taunted Munawar Faruqui that people were temporary friends. She said she has no expectations from anyone after leaving the house. Abhishek added that he can contact Mannara but Munawar better understands her. Ankita took a dig at Munawar that he was blushing. To which, Mannara added that he can’t stop blushing for girls after girls. Munawar then told Ankita that there is nothing going on. She also asked Mannara if she likes him and the latter said no.

    Abhishek looked at Isha Malviya’s photo and said to Mannara that he used to think heI was unlucky she left him but he was wrong. Ankita said that she is not feeling good about her journey after looking at her video. She said that her husband Vicky Jain hasn’t done anything wrong that he should be slammed. Mannara supported her and said that even his mother was wrongly targeted. Ankita said that she will take a stand for Vicky and protect him.

    Filmmaker Rohit Shetty entered the house to grill the housemates. He told the housemates that he has brought allegations on them and will call them one by one to explain themselves. He called Ankita and alleged that she claims to play with heart but she played with brain in the house. He put another allegation on Ankita that she threw Vicky and Mannara under the bus in the press conference. He asked if it's Vicky’s habit to talk to girls, why can’t Mannara talk to boys? He told Ankita that she didn’t blame Vicky enough but you were saying that Mannara was poking you.

    Rohit also said to Ankita that Vicky has said that his game would have been different if Ankita was not in the game, he said you kept restricting him. She said he is lying. Rohit asked if she restricted him ever, to which she said she never stopped him from playing his game. Next Rohit called Munawar and alleged that he was boring and never took stand in the fights. Rohit also said to him that he never had a point of view. Munawar said that he doesn’t like to fight but made sure that he kept his point of view. Rohit said if your relationship with Nazila was complicated then he didn’t show it like that, but lied to the audience. Rohit said after Ayesha came, he kept apologizing and looked boring. Rohit advised him that when he goes out, just promise to break or make relationships clearly and please tell the truth like a man.

    Rohit called Mananra next and alleged that she had a one-way relationship with everyone. Mannara said she has put in effort to make relationships in this house. Rohit further said that she was emotionally present for her friends but she showed a different side in tasks and nominations. Mannara said she didn’t do anything intentionally. Rohit also asked her why she was going crazy for Munawar’s attention, to which Mannara said that she got emotional and needed support. Rohit also asked Mannara if she would like to be part of Khatron Ke Khiladi, and she said she would like to co-host with him.

    Next Rohit called Abhishek and alleged that he always played the victim card after his fights. The filmmaker said that he had a fight with Tehelka but then when he was leaving, his crying looked like a performance. Then Rohit asked why he still has Isha’s hair band, to which he said he doesn’t have it now. Rohit then blamed him for poking others to get footage, and that he stooped low in fights with Ankita and Isha. Rohit said that he brought Mannara’s family in the fights for no reason. He also told him that he kept crossing the line of respect, and said that he should have maintained dignity. Rohit advised him not to ever raise his hand on a woman. Abhishek apologised for that.

    Rohit called Arun next and asked if he was on holiday here in the house. Arun said it was not like that and added that he didn’t speak up on issues where it wasn’t needed. Rohit asked if he felt alone after Tehelka left, and Arun said he thought everyone was fake and only had a good bond with Mannara. Rohit told Arun that he reached here because of his goodness, and never backbited about people. Abhishek objected but Rohit said that Arun never stooped to the level of others.

    Before leaving the house, Rohit wished luck to the housemates. Ankita told Rohit that her husband is her hero and gentleman. Rohit told Ankita that Vicky is partying a lot and even Sana, Isha and Ayesha were with him. Ankita said she won’t spare him. Rohit greeted everyone and left. Later, Munawar asked Arun that why does he get affected if they say something against him. Arun said he doesn't attack people on a personal level. Abhishek and Arun then got into a verbal spat and Ankita stopped them.