'He sent a proposal for..': Bigg Boss 17's Ayesha Khan reveals if Munawar Faruqui ever promised to marry her

    Bigg Boss 17 evicted contestant Ayesha Khan reveals whether Munawar Faruqui had proposed to her for marriage. 

    'He sent a proposal for..': Bigg Boss 17's Ayesha Khan reveals if Munawar Faruqui ever promised to marry her

    Ayesha Khan’s stint on Bigg Boss 17 was cut short in the latest roast episode. However, she managed to grab several eyeballs especially due to her explosive connection to contestant Munawar Faruqui. The actress-model made several allegations against him for two-timing, cheating, and keeping her in the dark about his ex Nazila. Apart from this, she was also heard saying how Munawar has also promised her marriage to seemingly compensate for betraying her feelings.

    However, in a recent interaction with Indian Express, Ayesha denied the same and said, “He did not. I confronted him on the show. He sent a proposal for another girl also and said it was her and me that he was considering for marriage. But he never directly promised marriage to me in any communication.”

    She faced many allegations herself by fans of the Lock Upp winner, one of which was to come on Bigg Boss 17 by allegedly defaming Munawar. However, Ayesha defended herself and said she never wanted to go on the controversial reality show through her connection with Munawar. She said, “No matter how much I explain myself, people will believe what they want to. When the podcast happened, I didn’t know that it was a podcast. It was my junior from college, so I just helped her. When I reached there, I saw the podcast set up, but I did it anyway. I never named anybody. I wanted to speak about this issue publicly when it had happened initially. But for various reasons, I kept quiet. I was never in the zone to go on Bigg Boss. My intention was not to come on the show through this.”

    Apart from this, she was also quipped on the revelation that it was Munawar who had offered to recommend her for Bigg Boss. She said, ‘It was a normal conversation where Munawar had asked me if I wanted to go on the show so he could speak to the makers. But I always thought that Bigg Boss is not the right place for me. Which is why I had said no earlier.” While some fans supported Ayesha, others still feel she came on the show for a publicity stunt.