'I go to work everyday with guilt' : Rupali Ganguly reveals what troubles her while shooting for Anupamaa

    Rupali Ganguly revealed the reason behind her feeling guilty as she leaves for shooting for Anupamaa everyday. 

    Rupali Ganguly Anupamaa

    Rupali Ganguly Anupamaa

    Rupali Ganguly is currently the undisputed queen of Indian television with her show Anupamaa ruling the TRP charts. However, in a recent interview, she revealed that she often feels guilty while leaving to shoot for the show. The reason being her getting to spend less time with her son Rudransh.

    Talking about the same, Rupali Ganguly said that she travels to shoot for Anupamaa with a pang of guilt in her mind since she does not get enough time to spend with her son. However, she expressed gratitude to her husband Ashwin Verma for taking early retirement so that he can focus on their son. The actress said, “The only drawback is that I get to spend less time with my child. I go to work every day with guilt and but nevertheless, I'm blessed that I have a spouse who's there. He's proved it to the world that it does not have to be a mother who needs to do so. It is not always the husband who has to go out and work and run after his dreams. And the normal patriarchy that we have is that a man will go out to achieve his goals and can make his dreams come true while the woman sits at home and takes care of the home.”

    The Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai actress credited her husband for breaking a huge stereotype when it comes to gender roles. She revealed that her husband is okay with taking care of everything at home and encourages her to go out there and work. Rupali Ganguly said, “He has broken that typical mindset despite being so successful, he has chosen to be at home and take care of our child. He doesn't need me to go out there and work. But he still respects the fact that I have talent and really thinks that I should showcase it.”

    Meanwhile, on the work front, Rupali Ganguly’s show Anupamaa enjoys a massive fan following. Fans especially love her onscreen camaraderie with Gaurav Khanna. However, recently some plotlines have been irking some fans of the show.