'Why is Anupamaa serving here?': Rupali Ganguly’s fans troll makers for making her serve food to Kapadia khandan

    The fans of the show Anupamaa have been trolling the makers for reducing her role to only serve food to the family members. 

    A still from Anupamaa

    A still from Anupamaa

    The makers of Anupamaa are receiving a lot of flak for portraying Rupali Ganguly’s character as just serving food to her family members. In the latest episode of the show, her character was seen cooking and serving the other members of the family who do not seem to care about her. Some netizens are alleging that this is taking away the essence of the female protagonist who is supposed to be empowered on the show.

    Talking about the same, the upcoming track of the show sees some major drama unfold between Vanraj, Malti, Ankush, and Barkha. The upcoming episode will see Barkha targeting Ankush’s son after which Anupamaa takes charge of the Kapadia household. She could be seen cooking for the entire family and serving everyone food herself. This did not go down well with some fans of the show. Take a look at some of the tweets.

    One of the netizens stated, “Wth is ds why is #Anupamaa serving here where all the servants went ..ds scene ws giving old sh vibes like everyone is sitting on dinning table and Anu is serving..and why isn't Anuj saying anything as he can at least ask her n to just sit and eat bt ds was such a disappointed.” A user further added, “#Anupamaa will be serving as a servant. Ghar chahe SH ho ya KH Pati chahe VS ho ya AK her status never changes even after 1000 plus episodes hate u dkp.”

    But there were also some fans who did not seem to find anything wrong with the sequence. One of the tweets read, “A lady serving her family is very normal. We all do. We serve, and then we sit together and eat. What’s wrong with that? I love to serve my family especially when I prepare something special. I used to serve my helpers(my cook and maid) too before eating.” Well, it will be interesting to see what new twists and turns await the show in the upcoming episodes.