'Sumbul ki MG batao apko?' : Shalin Bhanot threatens to reveal everyone's contract, accuses Bigg Boss 16 makers of ruining his mental health

    Shalin Bhanot threatens to reveal the contract details of all the contestants of Bigg Boss 16. 

    Shalin Bhanot Bigg Boss 16

    Shalin Bhanot Bigg Boss 16

    Yesterday’s episode of Bigg Boss 16 (January 20) saw one of the most high-octane mental breakdowns of a contestant that even left Bigg Boss baffled. Yes, we are talking about Shalin Bhanot . The actor often grabs several headlines for his eccentric personality on the show but yesterday, the actor had an intense showdown with the makers of the show themselves.

    Talking about the same, Shalin was seen requesting Bigg Boss, again and again, to call him inside the confession room. Once the Suryaputra Karn actor was called inside, he started complaining of suffering from depression and having bouts of anxiety expressing his wish to talk to someone. Bigg Boss asks Shalin to talk to him openly about his problem but the latter wanted to go off-record which Bigg Boss doesn’t allow.

    This doesn’t go down well with Shalin Bhanot who starts requesting, again and again, to talk off-camera, also declining Bigg Boss’ request to talk to a psychiatrist. In his frustration, he starts accusing the makers of the show of allegedly ruining his mental health and using his breakdown as a means to generate content. Not only this but the Do Hanso Ka Joda actor started threatening to divulge the contact details of all the contestants that are supposed to remain confidential.

    Shalin was then heard angrily telling Bigg Boss whether he should reveal Sumbul Touqeer Khan ’s MG (Minimum Guarantee) in her contract. He also threatens to tell Soundarya Sharma ’s MG. When Bigg Boss asks him to go ahead and divulge the same, Shalin says that the Imlie actress’ MG is for 5 weeks and Soundarya’s is for 2 weeks. The Kulvadhu actor says that Soundarya is getting Rs 1.5 lakh per week for the show. However, Bigg Boss tells Shalin that all this information is false.

    However, Shalin Bhanot agrees to calm down after some high-octane drama and turmoil. The actor comes to the conclusion that he will hope that he gets voted out this week for his own sanity. Alas! That is not how it turned out to be since not Shalin but Soundarya Sharma became the contestant to get evicted this week.