Uorfi Javed outfit choice for a gurudwara visit leaves netizens shocked, "Jab tak turn ni huyi ..."

    Uorfi Javed's recent visit to a gurudwara in an all black outfit has got the netizens talking.

    Uorfi Javed outfit choice for a gurudwara visit leaves netizens shocked, "Jab tak turn ni huyi ..."

    A day after making headlines in a cone cupped top, Uorfi Javed was spotted visiting a gurudwara in Mumbai on Saturday. The actress who is known for risqué fashion choices has once again left the netizens surprised with her outfit choice for the spiritual visit.

    Spotted by the paparazzi in an all black Anarkali suit, Uorfi looked beautiful as she made her way to the gurudwara with her head covered by dupatta. Her demure appearance in the city now has the netizens praising her for looking stunning.

    In a video shared a popular paparazzo, Uorfi can be seen picking up her sandals in her hand as she entered the gurudwara asking the paparazzi to let her go. On her return, she also distributed the prasad among the waiting cameramen.

    Several comments loved Uorfi’s fashion turnaround for the outing while being truly surprised to see her all covered up in a simple outing. A few others didn’t take it all too seriously as they felt that she would soon break this image once again by wearing something rather revealing during her next spotting in the city.

    Some of the comments read –

    “yeh nhi ho skta bilkul bhi nhii yeh urfi nhi h usski behen h 😂😂😂😂”

    “Ruko ek sec, me apni aakhe saaf karlu! Pata nhi mujhe Urfi poore kapde me dikh rhi hai aaj 👀”

    “Urfi jab tak turn ni huyi meko tension rahi ki piche suit hai b ki nahin 😂”

    “Kapdo mein jyada achi lagti 🔥😍”

    “Jab kapra me etni khubshurat lagti he to bin kapre ke q badnam hoti ho”

    “O bhai din tareekh mahina sab note karlo aaj 😂😂”

    Uorfi has always been unapologetic about her experiments with fashion despite the backlash on social media and has earned her spot as a standout celebrity. From donning dresses made of razor blades, cassette reels, bicycle chains, mobile phones, cold drink caps and more, Uorfi has seldom failed at pushing the creative imagination with her outfit choices.