'I got to watch this incredible cast," Michael Jacobs on his directorial debut with Emma Roberts in Maybe I Do

    Emma Roberts stars in multi-generational romantic comedy 'Maybe I Do,' as the film explores the complexities of love and relationship decisions.

    'I got to watch this incredible cast," Michael Jacobs on his directorial debut with Emma Roberts in Maybe I Do

    The forthcoming multi-generational romantic comedy, 'Maybe I Do,' has some Hollywood heavy-hitters in its line-up, including Emma Roberts, Diane Keaton, Susan Sarandon, Richard Gere, William H. Macy, and Luke Bracey. The heartwarming film marks the directorial debut of writer and producer Michael Jacobs, as reported by Deadline.

    The film follows the characters Michelle (Roberts) and Allen (Bracey) as they navigate the critical point in their relationship where they're considering future steps. To gain insights into the mechanics of a successful marriage, they arrange a meeting with their parents, leading to unforeseen complications and humor.

    "The difficult choices they have to make about what might be the best rest of their lives is something I am hopeful will resonate strongly with the audience," stated Jacobs. His sharp-eyed and touching script interweaves comedy and romance in this exploration of love's complexities.

    The film's candid exploration of love's intricacies and the characters' dilemmas about their future garners attention. As they delve into the reality of marriage, the characters confront questions about the value of commitment, leading to entertaining outcomes and resonating insights about love.

    Endeavor Content, producing and financing 'Maybe I Do,' is justifiably excited about the project. "We are thrilled to assemble this multi-generational all-star cast to explore a topic everyone can relate to – falling in and out and back in love again,” stated the company's SVPs of Film Development and Production.

    Despite the film's comedic frame, it serves a poignant exploration of love, relationships, and the often difficult decisions that come with them. With a star-studded cast and a skilled storyteller like Jacobs at the helm, 'Maybe I Do' is set to become a memorable addition to the romantic comedy genre.

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