Armie Hammer's throwback: Call Me By Your Name and that summer love we all crave

    Journey back to the summer when Armie Hammer lived and breathed Call Me By Your Name. From iconic dance scenes to authentic Italian experiences, let's reminisce about his most nostalgic moments!

    Call Me By Your Name (2017) (Source: People)

    Call Me By Your Name (2017) (Source: People)

    If summer love had a poster child, it would be the sun-soaked Italian romance between Elio and Oliver in Call Me By Your Name. It’s been years, but the memories Armie Hammer shared about the film, and his on-set experiences, still feel so vivid and fresh. According to Armie, it was nothing short of a challenge. "It's really funny about filming a dancing scene...having no music, being completely sober, having everyone stare at you," he revealed. Though a giant at 6'5", he managed to encapsulate the joy of a man lost in the moment. And truly, wasn't that a part of Oliver's charm that drew Elio in?

    A love story beyond power dynamics

    In an age where power dynamics in relationships are under intense scrutiny, Armie was proud of the film’s portrayal. “I do feel fortunate that the way our relationship in the movie unfurls has very little to do with power dynamics,” he reflected, emphasizing how it was young Elio who bravely professed his feelings first. A beautiful depiction of mutual, consensual love.

    When Italy became home

    Armie's immersion in the movie wasn’t just limited to the silver screen. Off-camera, his summer in Italy, alongside Timothée Chalamet and director Luca Guadagnino, was nothing short of magical. "This is my new summer romance — going to Italy, living there with Timmy, with Luca, shooting the movie," he reminisced. Those evenings spent at Luca’s, indulging in hearty meals and dissecting films, sounded like every cinephile's dream.

    Call Me By Your Name (2017) (Source: IMDb)

    As the seasons change, some memories remain etched forever. For Armie Hammer, and for many of us who lived vicariously through him, Call Me By Your Name is that timeless tale of passionate, unabashed love. And as time goes on, it only seems to get better.

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