Drew Barrymore's no-nap rule: Actress spills on ex's annoying habit

    Drew Barrymore reveals her disdain for napping, influenced by an ex's constant napping, in a candid talk with Martha Stewart on her show.

    Drew Barrymore (Source: Parade)

    Drew Barrymore (Source: Parade)

    On a recent episode of “The Drew Barrymore Show” featuring Martha Stewart, the famous actress Drew Barrymore opened up about her unusual relationship pet peeve - napping. The topic emerged as Barrymore's dog dozed off on Stewart's lap, leading to a surprising revelation from the host.

    Napping: A Trigger from the Past

    "I just — I had a relationship with a guy who just napped all the time. It made me sick to my stomach," Barrymore confessed. Her aversion to napping stems from this past relationship, where her partner's constant need for naps left a lasting impression. This issue was so pivotal that Barrymore had previously expressed her frustration on her show, stating that it "pisses me off,".

    Drew Barrymore (Source: Variety)

    A Candid Conversation with Martha Stewart

    In her conversation with Stewart, Barrymore humorously inquired if the lifestyle guru would ever consider dating a man who was habitually unemployed and constantly napping. The addition of the “didn’t work” aspect added a layer of humor and depth to the discussion. "Did I say that out loud?" Barrymore quipped, bringing a light-hearted tone to the topic.

    Barrymore’s candid discussion highlights her unique perspective on relationships and productivity. Previously, she had shared her view on naps as being "unproductive daytime craziness" and "bananas." Her stance, though unconventional, resonates with her audience, who appreciate her frank and relatable approach to life’s quirks.

    Drew Barrymore's candid revelation about napping being a relationship deal-breaker showcases her unique personality and approach to life. Her discussion with Martha Stewart not only provided an insight into her personal life but also a relatable moment for viewers who appreciate her straightforwardness and humor.

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