From Euphoria to Elvis: Jacob Elordi's pivotal career leap

    Jacob Elordi captivates as Elvis Presley in Sofia Coppola's Priscilla, echoing the King's charisma and struggles in a modern retelling.

    <p>Jacob Elordi</p>

    Jacob Elordi

    It's been a momentous journey for Jacob Elordi, from his breakout role in Euphoria to his latest captivating performance as Elvis Presley. In Sofia Coppola's upcoming film "Priscilla," Elordi is set to bring the King of Rock and Roll back to life, with Mare of Easttown's Cailee Spaeny starring alongside him. This film adaptation of Priscilla Presley's 1985 memoir, Elvis and Me, promises a fresh perspective on an iconic story.

    Elordi's deep dive into the life and psyche of Elvis Presley reveals striking parallels. In his September 2022 GQ cover story, Elordi reflects on his own Hollywood journey, drawing inspiration from Elvis' aspirations to emulate James Dean and Marlon Brando. "I've researched almost every actor from that time period, and I passed Elvis off as an entertainer and singer. But then he was an actor," Elordi mused, emphasizing the shared experiences between them. This insight offers a poignant glimpse into the actor's preparation for his role.

    Jacob Elordi

    One notable moment that resonated with Elordi was an old interview of Elvis, where the tiredness in his eyes mirrored Elordi's own experiences in the relentless Hollywood industry. "He's like, 'I'm tired, man. I only get four, five hours of sleep, I'm tired.' That's really sad to me," Elordi said, finding a personal connection with the legendary musician.

    Following the success of Baz Luhrmann's Elvis, which saw Austin Butler embodying the titular role, expectations are high for Elordi's portrayal. This new adaptation promises a unique insight into Elvis' life through the eyes of Priscilla, bringing a different dimension to the well-trodden narrative.

    At 77, Priscilla Presley and other family members have shown immense support for these cinematic tributes, highlighting the enduring legacy of Elvis. As today's audiences seek to reconnect with historical figures, Elordi's performance offers a bridge between past and present, drawing parallels between the timeless struggles of stardom.

    As we anticipate the release of Priscilla, Jacob Elordi's transformation into the King of Rock and Roll stands as a testament to his versatility and depth as an actor. This film not only revisits an iconic figure but also reflects on the universal themes of fame, identity, and the personal cost of stardom.

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