Jamie Foxx in awe of daughter's Slash-like hair: Birthday tribute turns heads

    Jamie Foxx's Instagram birthday tribute to his 15-year-old daughter, Annalise Bishop, sparks conversations as fans liken her hair to rock legend Slash. Fans give styling tips while celebrating her 'cool' locks.

    Jamie Foxx (Source: Fox)

    Jamie Foxx (Source: Fox)

    It seems Jamie Foxx's talent genes aren't the only thing stealing the show in the Foxx family. His recent birthday tribute to daughter Annalise Bishop had netizens buzzing about her stunning, wild tresses.

    Foxx's Instagram was ablaze on Monday as the accomplished actor and singer shared heartfelt moments from his daughter's 15th birthday. And let's be real – the show-stealer was Annalise's rockstar-worthy mane. Engrossed in her phone, her untamed curls overshadowed her face, causing quite the fan frenzy. “Behind that hair is an incredible little girl who’s growing up!!!!” Jamie exclaimed in his tribute, his pride evident.

    The Slash Resemblance: Fan or Foe?

    The carousel post on Instagram showcased different facets of the young Foxx's life, including a candid with her electric guitar, channeling some serious Guns N' Roses vibes. And if the hair wasn't conversation-worthy already, one eagle-eyed fan pointed out, "She's got the Slash look down!"

    But, as with every good story, there's always another side. A handful of concerned fans started showering the multi-talented Foxx with some unsolicited hair-care advice. One self-proclaimed beautician chimed in, suggesting, "I can see her getting a light trim on the ends to shape it up and round it out.” Another well-meaning netizen brought out the big guns with the simple yet impactful: "2 words; Argan oil."

    Eclipsing Dad's Fame with Every Curl

    For those not up-to-speed, Annalise Bishop is Jamie's daughter with ex Kristin Grannis. An interesting tidbit? Her birth was unintentionally spilled to the world by Foxx's former co-star, Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon. Oops!

    It's no secret that Foxx and his daughter share a strong bond, especially over music. The two have often been seen jamming together, showcasing a harmonious blend of talent and familial love. 

    As we celebrate Annalise's journey into her 15th year, we can't help but think: With a dad as legendary as Jamie Foxx and hair that's breaking the internet, what's next for this young starlet?

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