Jamie Foxx & Tommy Lee Jones ignite the screen in legal drama The Burial

    Jamie Foxx and Tommy Lee Jones team up in legal drama 'The Burial'. Set during the O.J. Simpson era, the duo delivers a gripping tale of contracts, racial tension, and courtroom charisma. Streams Oct. 13 on Amazon Prime.

    The Burial (Source: IMDB)

    The Burial (Source: IMDB)

    It's not every day that Hollywood marries legal drama with the essence of a buddy pic, but when you throw in Jamie Foxx and Tommy Lee Jones, magic happens. Enter 'The Burial', where two unlikely allies – the vivacious Willie Gary (Foxx) and the understated Jeramiah O’Keefe (Jones) – find themselves amidst a contract dispute over funeral homes.

    What might sound like a straightforward transaction spirals into courtroom chaos. As O’Keefe strives to secure a legacy for his family, he enlists Gary, an attorney who’s unapologetically larger than life. His arrival in 1990s Mississippi, complete with a private jet and a brigade of Black lawyers, is a spectacle that leaves many startled.

    A Tale Beyond the Courtroom:

    But this movie is more than just legalities and drama. The soul of 'The Burial' lies in the relationship between Gary and O’Keefe. The dynamics between Foxx's charismatic charm and Jones' grounded intensity capture audiences. The race never becomes a wedge between the two protagonists, yet its presence is palpable, influencing the trial and the events surrounding it. "Issues of history, poverty, and discrimination are front and center throughout the trial," showcasing a Mississippi gripped in a racially charged climate.

    The relevance of the story unfolding during the O.J. Simpson trial era adds another layer of depth, intertwining past events with the cinematic narrative. While some might find the legal nitty-gritty a tad tedious, the courtroom comes alive during the closing arguments. Especially with Jurnee Smollett's opposing counsel giving Foxx's Gary a spirited challenge.

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    Jones and Foxx: The Heart of 'The Burial'

    What could have easily blended into the ocean of streaming titles emerges as a standout, thanks to the prowess of Jones and Foxx. "Gary has all the markings of a walking, talking caricature," but Foxx’s portrayal injects a raw humanity into his role, transcending it into a multi-dimensional character. Under the watchful eye of Director Maggie Betts, 'The Burial' gracefully balances historical truth with a narrative brimming with "empathy, humor, and life."

    As the gavel drops on this tale, audiences can dive into this intriguing journey as 'The Burial' streams on Amazon starting October 13.

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