Jimmy Kimmel set to host the 96th Academy Awards

    Jimmy Kimmel is back to host the Oscars for the fourth time, promising a night of humor and surprises at the 96th Academy Awards.

    Jimmy Kimmel (Source: Last Night On)

    Jimmy Kimmel (Source: Last Night On)

    In a move sparking both excitement and debate, Jimmy Kimmel is set to return as the host for the 96th Academy Awards, marking his fourth stint on Hollywood's most prestigious stage. This announcement, made by Academy CEO Bill Kramer and President Janet Yang, underscores Kimmel's lasting appeal in an industry where the role of the host has been a point of contention in recent years.

    Jimmy Kimmel's Oscar comeback: A hosting hat-trick and more

    Jimmy Kimmel, known for his sharp wit and relaxed hosting style, is no stranger to the Oscars stage. With previous hosting gigs at the 89th and 90th ceremonies and a recent stint at the 95th Oscars, Kimmel brings a familiarity and a comedic edge to the event. His return has reignited discussions around the significance and challenges of hosting the Oscars, a role that has seen varied approaches and audience receptions over the years.

    Behind the scenes: Molly McNearney's executive touch

    Adding to the Kimmel factor, his wife Molly McNearney, a seasoned producer, will again take the helm as the executive producer of the show. Her return for a second consecutive year is seen as a move to ensure continuity and a dynamic production, balancing the glamour of the event with engaging content for a global audience.

    Jimmy Kimmel

    Looking ahead: Expectations for the 96th Academy Awards

    As preparations for the 96th Oscars begin, the entertainment world is buzzing with anticipation. Questions loom about how Kimmel will navigate the complexities of the modern Oscars—a blend of cinematic celebration, social commentary, and live entertainment. The industry and fans alike are eager to see if Kimmel's fourth time hosting will bring a fresh perspective to the ceremony or adhere to the tried-and-tested formula of his previous appearances.

    In sum, Jimmy Kimmel's return to the Oscars as host brings with it a mix of familiarity and curiosity. With the show set to air live on March 10, 2024, on ABC, all eyes will be on Kimmel and McNearney to see how they will craft this edition of cinema's most glamorous night.