Joey King reflected on love and loss: Inside her breakup with Jacob Elordi

    Joey King opened up about her challenging journey, balancing her professional and personal life while filming The Kissing Booth sequel with ex-boyfriend Jacob Elordi.

    <p>Joey King and Jacob Elordi (Source: TheSun)</p>

    Joey King and Jacob Elordi (Source: TheSun)

    Reflecting on her journey since the 2017 blockbuster The Kissing Booth, Joey King offered a candid look into the complex interplay of professional and personal realms. Her relationship and subsequent breakup with co-star Jacob Elordi became a subject of immense public interest. "All you can really do at that point is shut your phone off and crawl into your sister's bed and watch Friends," Joey shared with Refinery29, expressing the emotional turmoil following her breakup with Elordi. The pair, whose on-screen chemistry captivated millions, found their off-screen romance drawing to a close, leaving fans and the media craving details.

    The couple's split preceded the filming of The Kissing Booth 2, challenging both actors to navigate their newly altered relationship while reprising their roles as a couple. The exact timing of their breakup remains unknown, but it undoubtedly added a layer of complexity to their professional collaboration.

    Jacob Elordi and Joey King (Source: Elle)

    Professionalism amidst personal change

    "Playing Elle Evans was genuinely one of the best experiences of my life," Joey remarked on the podcast Mood With Lauren Elizabeth. Despite the challenges, she highlighted her excitement and nervousness about returning to a role that now intersected with her personal evolution. Joey tactfully addressed the curiosity surrounding her dynamics with Elordi during the sequel's filming. "It was a wild experience. But honestly, it was a really beautiful time," she reflected. King's professionalism shone through, as she described the love scenes with Elordi as "fine," showcasing her commitment to the character and the story, irrespective of personal circumstances.

    Joey King's journey, marked by the highs of cinematic success and the lows of personal heartache, epitomizes the often intertwined nature of an actor's personal and professional lives. Her candid reflections not only resonate with fans but also highlight the resilience and dedication inherent in her craft. As we revisit this chapter of Joey King's career, her ability to balance the complexities of life in the public eye with her professional commitments stands out. It serves as a testament to her strength as an actor and as an individual navigating the multifaceted world of fame and personal relationships.

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