Jonathan Majors' accuser arrested for misdemeanor assault and criminal mischief

    Grace Jabbari, the individual who leveled accusations against Jonathan Majors for an incident on March 25, was apprehended on Wednesday at Manhattan's 10th precinct.

    Jonathan Majors (Source: GeekTyrant)

    Jonathan Majors (Source: GeekTyrant)

    Grace Jabbari, the woman who accused Jonathan Majors of an altercation on March 25, has been arrested on charges of misdemeanor assault and misdemeanor criminal mischief. Her arrest occurred at Manhattan's 10th precinct on Wednesday, and she was subsequently released with a desk appearance ticket. 

    It's worth noting that the District Attorney has declared their decision not to pursue any charges against her in connection to the incident.

    The Reported Domestic Violence Incident

    In the wake of an alleged domestic violence incident on March 25, Jonathan Majors faces misdemeanor charges of harassment and assault. The incident came to the attention of the authorities after a 911 call, with a 30-year-old woman reporting an assault by Majors. Police documented her minor injuries. Subsequently, Majors was released from police custody on the same day.

    Back in June, the actor known for his role in Loki, Jonathan Majors, responded by filing a cross-complaint against Jabbari. In his counter-allegations, he claimed that she had initiated the altercation that night. His attorney, Priya Chaudhry, strongly asserted her client's innocence.

    Jonathan Majors (Source: THR)

    As for Majors' case, court documents reveal that prosecutors have decided not to pursue charges against Jabbari. Their rationale is primarily based on the delayed nature of the allegations. This determination is part of the standard procedure for assessing cross complaints in cases involving domestic violence. Jabbari and her attorney were officially notified of this decision on September 21.

    Prosecutors' Decision on Charges

    In late June, an investigatory card, known as an I-Card, was issued for Jabbari. It's important to note that an I-Card isn't an arrest warrant but serves as an official NYPD document, signaling that there is probable cause for an arrest.

    Subsequently, prosecutors made a request to the NYPD for Jabbari to receive a desk appearance ticket. This ticket mandates her return to court on a designated date, sparing her from remaining in custody until an arraignment.

    As these events unfold, the justice system will continue to weigh the evidence and exercise due diligence.