Two ex-girlfriends accuse Jonathan Majors of abuse following guilty verdict in domestic violence trial

    New York Times report reveals multiple new abuse allegations against actor Jonathan Majors

    Jonathan Majors (Source: People)

    Jonathan Majors (Source: People)

    Following Jonathan Majors' conviction in December for misdemeanor assault and harassment related to a domestic violence incident, multiple women have now stepped forward with further abuse allegations against him. These allegations have surfaced in the wake of the earlier incident involving Majors and his former girlfriend Grace Jabbari, which occurred in New York City in March 2023.

    Women Speak Out

    In a recent New York Times article published on Thursday, detailed testimonies from two women who claim to have been in relationships with the Marvel actor have emerged. Emma Duncan has accused the actor of both physical and emotional abuse, while Maura Hooper has come forward with allegations of emotional abuse.

    Priya Chaudhry, legal representative for the actor, characterizes the relationships with both women as toxic. Chaudhry acknowledges that Jonathan Majors made hurtful remarks but refutes many of the allegations of physical abuse, according to statements obtained by People magazine.

    Details of Relationships

    Hooper and Majors were in a relationship from 2013 to 2015, whereas his relationship with Duncan spanned from 2015 to 2019. According to reports, during the former relationship, there was an incident where Hooper became pregnant. Allegedly, Majors dropped her off at an abortion clinic but refused to accompany her home afterward. Chaudhry stated, "That deeply sad event is still a painful memory for Mr. Majors."

    During Majors' relationship with Duncan, which commenced during his training at the Yale School of Drama in 2015, he allegedly made frequent threats of violence. Duncan, as reported by the Times, mentioned being engaged to Majors during their four-year relationship and recounted an incident where the actor threw her across a room.

    Chaudhry refuted the occurrence of such an incident, admitting that "many serious arguments" occurred. Earlier this week, Majors' sentencing hearing in the Jabbari case was postponed to April 8. The actor, who pleaded not guilty, could potentially face up to a year in prison.

    The Times article also references interviews with colleagues of Majors on his HBO series Lovecraft Country. According to the report, while Majors was "a buddy to male technicians and craftspeople," he was described as "testy and prone to argument" towards women. The article detailed multiple incidents where Majors allegedly intimidated female crew members.

    Jonathan Majors (Source: X)

    Despite HBO reportedly advising him to apologize at the time, Chaudhry asserted that Majors had "never been told that anyone objected to his behavior."