Kristen Stewart says she'll never do a Marvel movie, here's why

    Kristen Stewart has declared that she's unlikely to ever star in a Marvel movie

    Kristen Stewart (Source: X)

    Kristen Stewart (Source: X)

    Kristen Stewart joins the ranks of actors steering clear of Marvel movies. On the Not Skinny, But Not Fat podcast, she remarked, "I will likely never do a Marvel movie," expressing her apprehension about the genre, which she likened to a nightmare based on what she's heard.

    Ray Winstone recently revealed that he nearly walked away from Marvel's Black Widow due to the extensive challenges it presented. He discussed the significant amount of reshoots required and expressed frustration with studio interference impacting his performance, describing the experience as heartbreaking.

    Kristen Stewart (Source: Glamour)

    Averse to Superhero Roles

    Nicolas Cage recently conveyed his hesitance to revisit comic-book roles when questioned about his willingness to star in a superhero movie. He stated that he has outgrown such roles, despite being cast as Superman in Tim Burton's canceled Superman movie in the 90s. Interestingly, his character did make a brief CGI cameo in last year's The Flash.

    Martin Scorsese has long been vocal about his disdain for the superhero genre, criticizing what he perceives as a manufactured quality in today's superhero films, likening them to something crafted by artificial intelligence.

    Martin Scorsese (Source: X)

    Echoing Scorsese's Perspective

    On the Not Skinny, But Not Fat podcast, host Amanda Hirsch speculated that Kristen Stewart might have been a good fit for the role of Spider-Man's love interest, Mary Jane Watson, at some point in her career. Stewart's response echoed sentiments shared by Scorsese.

    Kristen Stewart remarked that the outcome tends to be a strange, algorithm-driven encounter, devoid of personal connection. Consequently, she expressed skepticism about participating in a Marvel movie. However, she noted a potential change in stance if asked by someone like Greta Gerwig.

    Kristen Stewart (Source: Vanity Fair)