Netflix axes five shows, including Shadow & Bone, Glamorous, and Agent Elvis

    The decision marks the end of these series on the streaming platform, leaving fans with a mix of disappointment and curiosity about the future direction of Netflix's content lineup.

    Shadow and Bone (Source: Rolling Stone)

    Shadow and Bone (Source: Rolling Stone)

    Netflix has officially confirmed that Shadow and Bone and Glamorous, along with the adult animated series Agent Elvis, Farzaar, and Captain Fall, will not be renewed for new seasons. The decision is attributed to multiple factors, including performance issues and the aftermath of the months-long WGA and SAG-Aftra strikes, as the entertainment industry grapples with the effects on production schedules and scheduling shifts.

    Netflix's Cancellation Criteria

    Netflix, as in previous cancellations, maintains its focus on the balance between viewership and cost while assessing shows. Notably, series like Agent Elvis, Glamorous, Farzaar, and Captain Fall" faced cancellation after just one season each. In contrast, "Shadow and Bone" received the decision after completing its second season, which premiered on the streaming platform in March.

    Glamorous (Source: People)

    Netflix's Animated Landscape

    In the realm of animated content, Captain Fall faced an initial order of 20 episodes, intended to be aired in two parts during its debut season. However, Netflix opted to discontinue the cartoon following Part 1's failure to attract the substantial audience required to propel the series forward.

    While other well-received animated series such as Disenchantment, Inside Job, Q Force, and the concluding Big Mouth Season 8 are among recent cancellations, Netflix remains committed to the genre. The streaming giant continues its investment in adult animation, with former HBO Max executive Billy Wee taking the reins as the director of animation.

    Captain Fall (Source: Netflix)

    On the other hand, this year, Netflix has ordered renewals for One Piece, Ginny & Georgia, Outer Banks, The Lincoln Lawyer, XO, Kitty, Heartstopper, The Night Agent, The Diplomat, FUBAR, Sweet Magnolias, and Castlevania: Nocturne.

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