Oscars 2024: From Jennifer Lawrence to Chris Hemsworth, get a glimpse of all the celebrities at the rehearsal

    Celebrities, including Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Hemsworth, gather for Oscars rehearsal

    <p>Oscars 2024 Rehersals</p>

    Oscars 2024 Rehersals

    The 2024 Academy Awards are just around the corner. The day before the grand event, numerous celebrities gathered for rehearsals at the esteemed Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles, California. Among the distinguished attendees were a fresh-faced Jennifer Lawrence, a stylishly shaded Issa Rae, and a relaxed Chris Hemsworth.

    Additional celebrities who prepared for the big night included Catherine O'Hara and Michael Keaton, who participated in a Beetlejuice reunion. Also present were America Ferrera and Kate McKinnon, both from the acclaimed film Barbie, nominated for nine awards. 

    A-List Hollywood

    Jennifer Lawrence, Issa Rae, Al Pacino, Chris Hemsworth, Michael Keaton, Catherine O'Hara, Anya-Taylor JoyLupita Nyong'o, Dwayne Johnson and Steven Spielberg.

    Dwayne Johnson (Source: Los Angeles Times)

    Jennifer Lawrence (Source: ABC)

    Al Pacino (Source: X)

    Lupita Nyong'o (Source: X)

    Chris Hemsworth (Source: X)

    Stars' Casual Preparations for the 2024 Academy Awards

    While the Academy imposes strict guidelines on pre-show disclosures, the rehearsal provided a charming peek into celebrities' casual and unguarded moments. Lupita Nyong’o effortlessly combined a white beanie and sweatsuit with elegant heels fit for the awards show stage, while Zendaya powered through a sore throat, appearing on stage in jeans and a striking emerald coat that trailed behind her.

    Catherine O’Hara and Michael Keaton encountered a stumble over their teleprompter script, prompting a polite request to rewind. America Ferrera, donning Barbie-pink shoes, humorously dropped an unexpected word and promptly apologized to her co-presenter, Kate McKinnon, after unintentionally interrupting her line.

    Zendaya (Source: Glamour)

    Ferrera and McKinnon brought vibrant energy to the brass tacks rehearsal, primarily dedicated to fine-tuning lighting cues and camera angles for the pinnacle of Hollywood's calendar.

    Preparations Outside the Oscars Theater

    Beyond the theater doors, the Oscars red carpet appeared notably less glamorous, scattered with ladders, boxes, and shrink-wrapped statues as camera crews began to claim their spots. Photographers rehearsed capturing images of tuxedo-clad stand-ins, each holding laminated signs bearing the names of A-list celebrities.