Robert Downey Jr. becomes emotional as he thanks Christopher Nolan for casting him in Oppenheimer

    Robert Downey Jr. delivers an emotional tribute, expressing heartfelt gratitude towards Christopher Nolan for casting him in Oppenheimer

    Robert Downey Jr. and Christopher Nolan (Source: X)

    Robert Downey Jr. and Christopher Nolan (Source: X)

    During this award season, Robert Downey Jr. has been a consistently charming presence, especially when discussing Oppenheimer, notably Christopher Nolan. Despite Nolan's reputed introversion, Downey has managed to bring out a playful and even giggly side from the director in their interactions.

    Surprise Casting and Nolan's Call

    Last week, the two nominees were accompanied at a Q&A session by Cillian Murphy, who recently secured his first Oscar nomination for his titular role. During the discussion, the actors shared how unexpected the offer for the film was. Despite having collaborated on six films with Nolan (whom Downey referred to as the "secret weapon" behind Nolan's films).

    Robert Downey Jr. as Lewis Strauss (Source: Youtube)

    Murphy had no prior knowledge that Nolan was working on Oppenheimer, let alone considering him for the lead role. Murphy mentioned that every few years, he receives a call from Nolan inquiring about potential projects. To which Nolan quipped, “I realize I’ve painted myself into a corner because I can’t now call him up and ask him to dinner.”

    Reflecting on the Role of Lewis Strauss

    Although Downey boasts three Oscar nominations and a stellar track record at the box office, it was poignant to hear the significance of being offered the role of Oppenheimer’s primary nemesis, Lewis Strauss. "I was at a place in my life in my career, where I needed someone to have a vision of what was possible for me that I couldn’t see for myself," expressed the actor.

    Christopher Nolan (Source: The Hollywood Reporter)

    Nolan mentioned his aversion to being present while people read his screenplays, citing a past experience with his wife and producer Emma Thomas reading the script for Memento. He recounted observing her reactions, including flipping back and forth and expressing confusion as she read.

    Throughout the evening, Downey continued to shower praise on everyone. Nolan credited the actor for fostering camaraderie on set and ensuring everyone feels included and valued.Downey responded by acknowledging that he was simply following the lead of the star and the director. He then complimented Murphy for setting the tone on set for the other actors.

    'Oppenheimer' (Source: LatestLY)

    Towards the end, Nolan appeared touched as Downey expressed his admiration. Though he avoided using "the g-word" to describe Nolan, he lauded, "You’re generous in the time that you afford to help people find the scenes if they’re not exactly on point."

    "I love you, man!" Nolan declared, prompting an eruption of applause from the audience, and Downey jubilantly kicked his feet in the air.