Tom Cruise's dual life during Risky Business revisited

    Tom Cruise's early Hollywood days entailed a mix of devout Bible study and secretive rendezvous, as recounted by co-star Curtis Armstrong. The Risky Business era revealed a star balancing piety with pleasure.

    Risky Business (Source: Prime Video)

    Risky Business (Source: Prime Video)

    As we reminisce about the wilder days of Hollywood's past, it's hard not to think of Tom Cruise and the tales that buzzed around the making of the 1983 hit Risky Business. Today, we throw it back to an era when Cruise was a burgeoning star, balancing his nascent career with the temptations of young Hollywood.

    The film that cemented Cruise's star status, Risky Business, is remembered not just for its iconic scenes but also for the off-screen escapades that would rival any on-screen drama. His co-star, Curtis Armstrong, then 28, revealed in his memoir “Revenge of the Nerd” some eyebrow-raising anecdotes that stand out in the annals of Hollywood lore.

    Tom Cruise (Source: IMDb)

    "I found three or four young girls — late teens, I suspect — lined up in the hall outside of Tom’s room," Armstrong recollected about one night during the shoot. Cruise, known for his roles in action-packed blockbusters and his dedication to craft, seemed to have mastered the art of juggling his devout side with a more hedonistic one. Armstrong humorously noted, "This was a young man who knew something about time management and understood how to successfully juggle Bible study and b—jobs."

    The juxtaposition of Cruise's public persona as a fresh-faced, diligent actor with these salacious behind-the-scenes stories paints a picture of a star in the making, one who was as adept at navigating the scriptures as he was the Hollywood scene. His representatives, silent then, remain so today, preserving the enigmatic nature of Cruise's early days in Tinseltown.

    Tom Cruise (Source: IMDb)

    The anecdotes of Armstrong provide a fascinating glimpse into the making of Risky Business, a film that saw young Joel Goodson's descent into a world of seduction and chaos, mirroring the off-screen realities of its lead actor. The movie, which became a cult classic, grossed a staggering $63.5 million against a $6.2 million budget, a testament to its cultural impact and Cruise's enduring appeal.

    Decades have passed, and while Cruise has evolved into a Hollywood titan, the stories from his past remain as intriguing as ever. They capture a moment in time when a young actor on the precipice of superstardom navigated the dualities of his life with the precision of a seasoned pro.

    As we celebrate the film's legacy and Cruise's illustrious career, these tales add a layer of complexity to the man who would become an icon. They remind us that before the fame, the Mission: Impossible stunts, and the world-renowned status, there was a young actor in 1983, learning the ropes and the risky business of living life in the spotlight.

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