Here's how Netflix's adaptation of The Three-Body Problem differs from the book

    The series is brought to life by the creators of Game of Thrones, David Benioff and D.B. Weiss. (Spoilers Below)

    The 3 Body Problem (Source: X)

    The 3 Body Problem (Source: X)

    David Benioff and D.B. Weiss, the showrunners behind Game of Thrones, present their latest sci-fi venture, The Three-Body Problem. This new eight-episode series on Netflix adapts Liu Cixin’s highly acclaimed trilogy, drawing inspiration from all three books in the saga.

    With an alien invasion set to arrive in four hundred years and a future history spanning centuries, The Three-Body Problem boasts a scope larger than any other sci-fi TV show. Let's delve into how the adaptation diverges from the books.

    Character Dynamics in The Three-Body Problem

    In the original novel, the primary point-of-view character in present-day sections is Wang Miao, a nanotech expert entangled in the complexities of the gradual alien invasion. Author Liu even diminished Wang's role in the second book, The Dark Forest.

    Replacing him with the more dynamic and controversial science figure, Luo Ji. It appears that the Netflix adaptation attempts to address this by dividing Wang's character into three: Auggie Salazar (played by Eiza González), Jack Rooney (portrayed by John Bradley), and Jin Cheng (acted by Jess Hong).

    Transitioning Characters

    As the series progresses, Jin transitions from being a partial analog of Wang Miao to closely resembling Cheng Xin, a character from the third book, Death’s End. In the novel, Xin (Jin in the show) requests Yun Tianming to transfer his brain into a probe to aid in the Staircase Project. The final episode concludes with Will’s brain probe veering off its intended trajectory, partially aligning the end of Season 1 with the beginning of the third novel.

    Up until episode 5, The Three-Body Problem adheres closely to the events of the first novel in the series. However, from episode 6 (Judgement Day) onwards, the series diverges and begins adapting events from the subsequent novels in the trilogy, The Dark Forest and Death’s End.

    The series promises to captivate audiences with its ambitious adaptation of Liu Cixin's acclaimed trilogy. With a stellar ensemble cast and a narrative that spans centuries and galaxies, the show offers a thrilling exploration of humanity's encounter with an alien civilization.

    The eight-episode series features an ensemble cast including Benedict Wong, Jess Hong, Jovan Adepo, Eiza González, John Bradley, Alex Sharp, and Rosalind Chao. The 3 Body Problem is currently streaming on Netflix.