Love is Blind season 6: The biggest revelations made at the reunion

    The most shocking revelations and emotional moments from the highly anticipated reunion of Season 6 of the hit reality TV show "Love Is Blind."

    Love Is Blind (Source: X)

    Love Is Blind (Source: X)

    A new chapter of Love Is Blind concludes as Netflix released the Season 6 reunion on Wednesday. The reunion brings together cast members Johnny McIntyre, Amy Cortés, Jimmy Presnell, Chelsea Blackwell, Clay Gravesande, Amber Desiree 'AD' Smith, Jeramey Lutinski, Laura Dadisman, Sarah Ann Bick, Trevor Sova, Kenneth Gorman, and Brittany Mills once again.

    From Trevor addressing secret girlfriend rumors to revelations about who started dating after the cameras stopped rolling, here are the most significant bombshells that emerged during Wednesday's Season 6 reunion.

    Love Is Blind (Source: X)

    Clarifying Relationship Speculations

    Trevor Sova made an appearance at the reunion to address rumors suggesting he had a secret girlfriend during the show's filming. He initially found it challenging to articulate his response but eventually gathered his thoughts.

    "I wasn't officially dating her," he clarified. "I never asked her to be my girlfriend before the show started, but... we were definitely close," he explained, following the display of alleged text messages to his partner. Trevor also emphasized that his feelings for Chelsea were sincere and stated that he didn't join the series for fame or career advancement.

    Jeramey and Sarah's Relationship

    Love Is Blind (Source: X)

    Jeramey Lutinski and Sarah Ann Bick confirmed that they began dating after Jeramey ended his engagement with Laura Dadisman. They revealed that they've been together for nearly a year and are currently residing together in North Carolina.

    Jeramey Confirmed His Previous Engagement

    Amid scrutiny over his honesty with Laura, Jeramey also tackled rumors about his pre-existing engagement before appearing on Love Is Blind. He admitted to having proposed to another woman in the past but clarified that their relationship had ended before his involvement with the show. Jeramey maintained that he never deceived his pod connections about his former engagement.

    Clay Gravesande took responsibility for his actions, offering a heartfelt apology to Amber Desiree 'AD' Smith for leaving her at the altar and causing her pain. AD was visibly moved to tears by Clay's apology. When co-host Vanessa Lachey asked if she would consider giving Clay another chance, AD remained silent, glancing over at Clay. "Next question!" she joked.

    Johnny McIntyre and Amy Cortés affirmed their continued happiness in marriage, sharing that they are enjoying life together with plenty of travel and quality time with their families. On the other hand, Jimmy expressed no remorse for disclosing details of his secret hookup to Chelsea, although she acknowledges that bringing it up "ruined everything."

    Love is Blind is currently streaming on Netflix