Netflix poster for Adam Sandler's 'Little Nicky 2' leaves fans confused

    A poster for Little Nicky 2 has surfaced online, sparking speculation among fans about its authenticity.

    Little NIcky (Source: X)

    Little NIcky (Source: X)

    According to a recent report from The Direct, a Little Nicky 2 poster has been circulating online. However, it's quickly identified as a fake due to its poorly edited design. One obvious giveaway of its fraudulent nature is its reuse of the same background and layout as the original film poster from 2000. The only alteration is a recolored New York City skyline.

    Another clue is the copy-and-paste job of Adam Sandler's face from the first film's poster onto the fake "Little Nicky 2" poster. Additionally, Sandler's character, Nicky, is depicted wearing a new red outfit. The horns protruding from his head appear noticeably photoshopped into the image.

    Adam Sandler (Source: X)

    The Status of a Little Nicky Sequel

    As of now, there is no confirmation of a second "Little Nicky" movie being developed for Netflix. Additionally, among Adam Sandler's films, only three—Grown Ups, Hotel Transylvania, and Murder Mystery—have had sequels produced. 

    Plus neither Sandler nor any members of the original film's production team have publicly mentioned the possibility of a sequel to "Little Nicky." Thus, there are currently no plans for a sequel to materialize.

    Adam Sandler (Source: X)

    An Underrrated Sandler Comedy

    Little Nicky was acomedy film directed by Steven Brill and released in 2000. The story revolves around Nicky, the awkward and good-hearted son of Satan, who embarks on a mission to save his father and prevent his brothers from taking over Hell. Along the way, Nicky encounters various challenges on Earth and forms unexpected friendships.

    At the box office the movie under performed, earning approximately $58.3 million worldwide against a production budget of $85 million. While it didn't reach blockbuster status, the film has gained a cult following over the years for its quirky humor and memorable characters.