'An opportunity to shine a light on what matters most' - Kit Harington joins Modern Love season 2

    'Game of Thrones' star Kit Harington was part of the star-studded cast of Amazon's 'Modern Love' Season 2, joining an ensemble set on bringing 'truth and love' to viewers.


    "Kit Harington's Leap of 'Love': Recalling His Journey to 'Modern Love' Season 2"

    Back in February 2021, Amazon made waves when they announced the impressive cast list for the second season of their anthology series, “Modern Love.” Among the ensemble was none other than Game of Thrones star Kit Harington, poised to bring an added touch of medieval chivalry to modern romance.

    "From Winterfell to 'Modern Love': Kit Harington's Exciting Adventure"

    As reported by Variety, Harington was part of a robust roster of talent, including Gbenga Akinnagbe, Anna Paquin, and Nikki M. James, each eager to share their unique tales of love and relationships in today's complex world. The show's series showrunner, John Carney, expressed delight over the new season and its potential. “We’re so excited to bring a second season of this series to life, and give an opportunity to really shine a light on what matters most,” Carney noted.

    "Kit Harington’s 'Truth and Love': A Reflection on His Involvement in 'Modern Love' Season 2"

    Carney's goal with the series was to provide solace amid global uncertainty, presenting narratives that encapsulate “truth and love”. This was a significant departure from Harington's battles and power struggles in Westeros, signaling a new direction in the actor's already illustrious career.

    Beyond Harington and his castmates, the series was a collaborative effort of some of the industry’s best. The new season welcomed directors such as John Crowley, Marta Cunningham, Jesse Peretz, and Andrew Rannells, contributing their visions to each episode.

    With the promise of an emotional rollercoaster ride, the second season of “Modern Love,” featuring Kit Harington, invited audiences worldwide to rediscover love in its myriad forms. As we now look back, it’s clear that the series delivered on its aim of spreading “truth and love,” bolstered by the power of a stellar ensemble cast.

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