'Everything is Love. Thank You': Jay Z and Beyoncé's $100 million collaboration album scores BRIT Award

    In a captivating throwback to 2019, we recall how power couple Jay Z and Beyoncé triumphed at the BRIT awards, scooping the title for Best International Group.

    Jay Z and Beyonce

    Jay Z and Beyonce

    "Everything is Love": Jay Z and Beyoncé's Majestic BRIT Win

    In a 2019 moment that's as fresh in our minds as yesterday, music royalty Jay Z and Beyoncé swept up the BRIT award for Best International Group. Unable to attend the ceremony in London, the duo showcased their unique flair by sending a pre-recorded acceptance speech, as reported by Mashable.

    A Nod to Literal Royalty

    In their acceptance message, the Carters stood defiantly in front of an oil painting of the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle. Clad in colorful suits reminiscent of their iconic "APES**T" music video, they thanked the BRIT awards for the honor. "Thank you so much to the BRIT awards for this incredible honor," Beyoncé said, elegantly holding up the award in front of a jewel-laden Markle."Everything is love. Thank you," she added, to which Jay Z responded, "You're welcome," never breaking eye contact with the camera.

    A Subtle Jab At The Tabloids and Grammys?

    Their choice of background, combined with a powerful Instagram shoutout to Markle, sparked theories. Was it a critique of the British media's treatment of Markle, who had been "pursued and vilified" by tabloids? Or perhaps it was a subtle dig at the Grammys, which had been accused of snubbing the Carters and consistently overlooking Black artists for Album of the Year.

    * A critique of British media treatment of Meghan Markle?

    * Shading the Grammys for overlooking Black artists?

    Regardless of their intentions, Jay Z and Beyoncé proved once again their ability to make impactful statements subtly and elegantly. As we look back, their BRIT win remains an iconic moment in music history, a testament to their joint talent and the influential power they wield in the music industry. It's yet another feather in the cap for the $100 million collaboration album, "EVERYTHING IS LOVE". A poignant reminder that, in their words and actions, everything indeed is love.

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