Why Taylor Swift and Beyoncé concert movies will NOT be considered for Oscars nomination

    Taylor Swift's The Eras Tour and Beyoncé's Renaissance concert films are ineligible for Oscars, leaving fans wondering why.

    <p>Taylor Swift</p>

    Taylor Swift

    While Taylor Swift's The Eras Tour film and Beyoncé's Renaissance promise to dazzle audiences, they won't be making an appearance at the Oscars. The Academy's strict guidelines have ruled them out of contention for nominations in documentary categories.

    Defining documentary and the gray area

    According to the Academy's bylaws, a documentary must creatively tackle subjects of cultural, artistic, historical, or other significance, with an emphasis on fact or fiction. However, 'promotional or instructional' works and 'unfiltered records of performances' are deemed ineligible. Beyoncé's 'Renaissance' could be straddling a gray area due to its behind-the-scenes footage.

    The unsubmitted films

    To further complicate matters, neither Eras nor Renaissance was submitted for Oscar consideration by the October 2 deadline. This means that even if they met the documentary criteria, they couldn't be in the running for the coveted golden statuette.

    The much-anticipated release of Taylor Swift's The Eras Tour film and Beyoncé's Renaissance has been met with excitement, but Hollywood insiders are perplexed by their Oscar ineligibility. As Swift's film rakes in over $100 million in advance ticket sales revenue, and Beyoncé's work explores her artistic journey with intricate detail, fans are left wondering whether the Oscars are missing out on recognizing the talent and creativity behind these concert documentaries.

    While both artists have previously dabbled in the awards circuit with nods and recognition, it appears the Oscars won't be part of their accolade collection this time. As the debate on the Oscars' stringent documentary guidelines continues, fans and industry experts are left wondering if these rules need a revision to accommodate the evolving landscape of film and storytelling.