Sebastian Stan's forgotten Gossip Girl days: Remembering Carter Baizen

    Throwback to Sebastian Stan's iconic role as Carter Baizen in Gossip Girl, before soaring as the MCU's Winter Soldier. Could he reappear in HBO Max's sequel?

    <p>Sebastian Stan</p>

    Sebastian Stan

    Ah, nostalgia. Who could forget the late 2000s, when the drama on the Upper East Side was served piping hot by none other than "Gossip Girl"? But long before Sebastian Stan gripped audiences as the beloved Bucky Barnes in the MCU, he was turning heads and plotting mischief as Carter Baizen.

    The Carter Baizen era

    Sebastian's stint on Gossip Girl may have been brief, appearing in just 11 episodes across three seasons, but his character, Carter, left an indelible mark. Carter's journey from a disinherited rich kid to a complex figure caught between Blair (played by Leighton Meester) and Serena (Blake Lively) is still fresh in the minds of dedicated fans. Not only did he have a brief fling with Blair, but he also embarked on a turbulent romance with Serena, one that came crashing down in a whirlwind of deception and intrigue.

    There's no denying that Carter was suave yet sneaky. When the truth about his long-held knowledge of Serena's father's whereabouts came to light, he left the show amidst a sea of drama. But for those episodes, "Stan played Carter with a conniving finesse, all while maintaining that irresistible charm."

    Carter Baizen

    Gossip Girl returns: A hopeful reunion?

    Almost a decade after the original Gossip Girl's series finale in 2010, whispers about a 10-episode sequel for HBO Max began circulating. Set eight years after we bid adieu to the original Upper East Siders, this sequel promises to introduce a new generation of schemers and dreamers.

    But the question on everyone's lips is: Could we see the return of some familiar faces? More importantly, would Sebastian Stan be up for a Carter Baizen cameo? Back in 2016, Stan didn't shy away from the idea. "Sure, I would do it, why not? It was a great experience," he reminisced. Having previously starred with Chace Crawford in "The Covenant," Sebastian revealed they've kept the bromance alive post-Gossip Girl.

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