See pics: Vikrant Massey is all smiles as he celebrates the success of 12th Fail

    At the 12th Fail success bash, Vikrant Massey made a sartorial splash with his beige blazer and black trousers, epitomizing classy red carpet fashion. He was seen smiling ear-to-ear at the occasion.

    Vikrant Massey

    Vikrant Massey

    The success party for the critically acclaimed film 12th Fail, directed by Vidhu Vinod Chopra, was graced with the presence of the leading man, Vikrant Massey. The Bollywood actor, known for his versatile roles and strong screen presence, made a fashion statement on the red carpet that was both elegant and accessible.

    Vikrant chose a classic beige blazer, perfectly tailored to accentuate his frame. Underneath, he wore a crisp white shirt, buttoned up to the collar, which added a touch of formal sophistication. 

    The ensemble was smartly paired with straight-cut black trousers, a timeless piece in menswear. His polished black dress shoes were the finishing touch to a look that spelled debonair simplicity.

    The actor's styling was minimalist; he sported a neatly trimmed beard that added to his suave appearance. In his pocket, a black pocket square with white detailing peeked out, adding an extra layer of finesse to his blazer. The absence of a tie spoke to the modern twist on traditional formal wear, showing that style at film events can push the envelope in subtle ways.

    Massey's outfit choice was a nod to classic style while still keeping in line with contemporary trends. His relaxed yet confident posture on the red carpet complemented his attire, making him one of the best-dressed personalities of the evening.

    The event celebrated the success of 12th Fail, a film that has been lauded for its storytelling and powerful performances by the critics and the audiences alike. Massey's appearance was not just a celebration of the film's success but also a testament to his personal style ethos — understated elegance.

    In an industry where glamour and extravagance often dominate style narratives, Vikrant Massey's red-carpet look was refreshingly grounded, yet it did not compromise on style or sophistication. His ability to blend classic and modern aesthetics is a true representation of his personal brand as an actor.

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