Sussanne Khan shows how to nail airport style, Check pics inside

    Captured at Mumbai airport, Sussanne Khan exudes chic elegance in a ribbed crop top and a high-waist jeans, redefining airport fashion.

    <p>Sussanne Khan stuns in a casual laid back look at the airport</p>

    Sussanne Khan stuns in a casual laid back look at the airport

    Mumbai's bustling airport saw a hint of glamour added to its usual hustle as the elegant Sussanne Khan made an appearance. With the late evening lights serving as the perfect backdrop, the fashion-forward entrepreneur and interior designer gave us all a lesson in how to nail a chic airport look.

    Sussanne was captured just as she was passing by a popular coffee shop, In images captured by the paps, she radiates casual sophistication, as she navigates her way through the airport.

    Dressed in a form-fitting black ribbed crop top that subtly flaunts her midriff, Khan paired her top with high-waist deep blue jeans that effortlessly blend style and comfort. 

    Not to miss are her accessories which include a colorful stripe-patterned crossbody bag and a large white jacket casually draped over her arm. Sussanne’s love for ink was evident, as her tattooed hand gleamed under the night lights, holding a smartphone in the other hand. Her minimalist jewelry - a couple of dainty rings and a layered watch - added just the right amount of sparkle.

    Her makeup looked fresh and natural, perfectly complementing her center-parted hair that cascaded down in gentle waves. Every bit of her outfit and demeanor screamed unfussy elegance. Mumbai airport sees a lot of Nollywood celebrities making a style statement and this look of Sussanne definetely stands out. 

    This appearance adds to Khan's ever-evolving lookbook, making it clear that whether it's a red carpet event or a simple airport spotting, she knows how to turn heads and make a statement.

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