Twinkle Khanna defends Deepika Padukone's approach to finding a suitable partner; recalls when a girl married a dog

    Taking to Instagram, Twinkle drew analogy to Deepika’s approach of finding partner to buying a couch.

    <p>Twinkle Khanna</p>

    Twinkle Khanna

    Days after Deepika Padukone made headlines for her statement on situationship with Ranveer Singh in Koffee With Karan 8’s episode, Twinkle Khanna gave her two cents on the matter. Akshay Kumar’s wife, who often share her opinion on social media, defended the Ram Leela actress saying that her way of finding suitable partner is ‘logical’. She highlighted how her approach might serve as a positive influence for many women.

    Taking to Instagram, Twinkle drew analogy to Deepika’s approach of finding partner to buying a couch. “Suppose you want to buy a couch, wouldn’t you go to the store to figure out which one feels nice and bouncy, which has a comfortable backrest and which fabric doesn’t make your skin itch?” But when it comes to the couch potato whom you have to snuggle against, you are just expected to pick one without testing our alternatives.”

    In the caption, she recalled an incident where a neighborhood aunty informed her that a girl was being married off to a Pomeranian. “Well, we live in a country where it seems acceptable to marry a tree or even a dog, but not a person of the same gender. I still remember the time when a neighbourhood aunty informed me that a girl in our building was a Manglik, and her father was making her marry a Pomeranian. When I refused to believe her, she said, ‘Accha, bring your iPad.’ She then showed me a news item stating that in Jharkhand, a young girl had married a stray dog called Sheru. Sweety Aunty explained, ‘So that her horoscope ka bad luck goes to the dog and when she finally marries a man, then he will have a long life.’”

    She further added, “While we wait for the day when legislators stop barking up the wrong tree and legalise same-sex marriages, I suppose Deepika’s idea of making an informed choice may save a lot of women from marrying dogs, and more commonly, frogs in princely robes.’Agree? Disagree?” Meanwhile, Deepika’s comment on casual dating on Karan Johar's couch sparked controversy and drew criticism from a section of the audience.