'We work better with discipline': Kiersey Clemons' powerful notes in Rent Live

    Looking back at Kiersey Clemons and Vanessa Hudgens' captivating performance of 'Take Me or Leave Me' during Fox's 'Rent Live.'

    'We work better with discipline': Kiersey Clemons' powerful notes in Rent Live

    Once upon a January night in 2019, viewers tuned in to Fox’s ‘Rent Live’ and were dazzled by an unforgettable performance. The spotlight shone on Kiersey Clemons and Vanessa Hudgens as they filled our living rooms with the simmering “Take Me or Leave Me,” as reported by Rolling Stone.

    “Take Me or Leave Me” is an act of fiery tension and conflict that emerges as a pivotal moment in the musical. It sees two lovers, a performance artist and a lawyer, grappling with their different approaches to life and love. And oh, how these two women took that tension and spun it into a mesmerizing show!

    Clemons, with her soul-stirring voice, nailed all of Joanne's big notes while delivering her retort about why she needs more discipline in life. Her powerful performance left viewers enthralled, proving her mettle as a capable and versatile actress.

    "We work better with discipline" – the line encapsulates Joanne’s character and Clemons echoed it with conviction and fervor. The actress owned the stage, perfectly offsetting Hudgens' sexy, carefree portrayal of Maureen.

    Despite an unforeseen broken ankle incident forcing the airing of a dress rehearsal instead of a live performance, the cast, led by Clemons and Hudgens, painted a memorable night. This display of resilience reaffirms the spirit of Jonathan Larson's original musical about struggling artists in NYC amidst the HIV/AIDS crisis.

    As we look back, Clemons' performance in 'Rent Live' stands as a testament to her talent. From the unforgettable renditions of 'Take Me or Leave Me' to the passionate final act, her portrayal of Joanne added depth to the musical landscape of 'Rent Live,' making it a night to remember.

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