Dunki plot: Shah Rukh Khan starrer to explore love, friendships and borders in a rollercoaster ride of a journey

    Here is what the Shah Rukh Khan starrer Dunki has in store for you 

    A still from the Dunki trailer

    A still from the Dunki trailer

    The much-awaited trailer of Dunki was finally out today (December 5). The Shah Rukh Khan starrer stood out for the intense performances and plot which changes tone from a group of friends with dreams in their eyes to them on a quest to survive several threats as they try crossing the border. Well, after Pathaan and Jawan, here’s another SRK banger that will take you on a rollercoaster ride of excitement.

    Talking about the movie, as shown in the trailer, a present middle-aged Shah Rukh Khan as Hardayal Singh Dhillon aka Hardy goes back 25 years earlier from when he had first stepped into the small town of Laltu in Punjab. In 1995, Hardy a soldier comes to Laltu where he meets four eccentric but endearing individuals like him. They all have one dream which is to escape to London. However, the trouble arises when they have neither a visa nor the tickets to do so. Enter Hardy who gives them faith against all odds to fulfill their dreams but if only the path to do so was so easy.

    Dunki’s trailer has a passing shot of someone being lit up in flames. We also see Shah Rukh delivering an emotional dialogue against the backdrop of a funeral pyre burning. If we notice the main posters carefully, one can see Vicky Kaushal’s Sukhi missing from those suggesting that his character won’t make it till the end. This might mean that his character dies either by committing suicide by burning himself or is shot dead while the group tries to cross the border. This further makes Hardy and his friends' resolve to cross the border and fulfill Sukhi’s dream to be even more resolute. They battle several life threats from the deserts to underwater. However, what keeps them going is their determination and mental strength.

    Apart from a riveting adventure, Dunki will delve deep into the themes of friendships, love, borders, and homecoming. The movie also stars Taapsee Pannu, Boman Irani, Vikram Kochchar, and Anil Grover in the lead roles. It is all set to be released on December 22, 2023.