'If you do it again, you’re a hack' – Steven Yeun on never returning to The Walking Dead!

    Despite fan speculations, Steven Yeun firmly declared no intent of revisiting his role as Glenn on The Walking Dead, emphasizing his focus on new avenues in his acting career.

    <p>Steven Yeun (Source: Vanity Fair)</p>

    Steven Yeun (Source: Vanity Fair)

    Steven Yeun's Dead-End with The Walking Dead

    Ah, the ever-spinning world of television, where shows don't really die; they just find new, spin-off life. Such is the case with AMC's behemoth, The Walking Dead. But as the show attempts to prolong its life, it appears there's one old face we shouldn't hold our breath to see again: Steven Yeun's Glenn Rhee. As reported by Forbes, Yeun provided some insights into his decision.

    A Web of Spin-offs and Anticipation

    It's no secret that The Walking Dead is looking to keep the zombie momentum alive with numerous spin-offs in its wake. From "Fear the Walking Dead" to "Isle of the Dead" and more, fans will have plenty of content to chew on. But the ultimate cherry on this undead cake would have been the return of old favorites like Glenn.

    "The Door is Slammed Shut, and Barricaded"

    The speculations were many – could Glenn pop up in a flashback? A dream? Or perhaps a vision? But Yeun, while promoting Jordan Peele’s "Nope", put those speculations to rest. “Sometimes, you just accept what it is and you go with it.” he stated, the finality of his decision evident in his words, “The police voice in my head said, ‘If you do it again, you’re a hack,' So, I don’t do it again. I cringe at the thought.”

    Steve Yeun in The Walking Dead (Source: Wattpad)

    The Shadow of Glenn's Death

    The brutal departure of Glenn from The Walking Dead storyline has long been a point of contention. His end, perceived by many as mere shock value, resulted in a significant number of viewers bidding the series goodbye. Ratings never really picked up a post that twist.

    Adding to the intrigue, Yeun's recent revelations hint at his discontent with the nature of his exit. Though his character’s demise mirrored the comics, the show seemingly had other plans, only to opt for the element of surprise. The impact of this choice still echoes through fan forums and discussions.

    A Rising Star, Post-Zombies

    Despite the pivotal role of Glenn, Yeun’s journey in the entertainment industry is far from one-dimensional. With notable performances in critically acclaimed films like "Minari", which earned him an Oscar nod, and "Nope", he has successfully expanded his horizons.

    While AMC might still harbor dreams of a Glenn cameo, especially in the anticipated finale, Yeun's progression and achievements post-TWD era underscores why the actor chooses to look forward and not back.

    In the grand game of showbiz, Steven Yeun's playbook seems clear – it’s all about growth, new horizons, and a determination to evolve beyond the undead alleys of the past.

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