Kraven the Hunter: Checkout these five easter eggs from the Spider-Man spinoff trailer

    The first trailer for Kraven the Hunter is here



    The first trailer for the fourth entry is Sony's Venomverse, Kraven the Hunter got its first trailer, it will be the first R-rated moive in Sony's Sper-Man spinoff universe.

    Kraven the Hunter is one of Spider-Man 's most iconic villains and is Sony's latest attempt at launching a Spider-Man villain movie without the web-slinger.

    The trailer doesnt give away much of the plot of the movie, only that Kraven will be taking on his father played by Russell Crowe, and his criminal empire.

    Actor Aaron Taylor-Johnson known for his roles in movies like Kick-Ass, Godzilla and Bullet Train will be playing the role. Oscar winner Russel Crowe will be portraying Kraven's father Nikolaï Kravinoff.

    So let's take a look at five eater eggs from the trailer.

    Kraven's fear of spiders

    In a short scene in the trailer, we see Kraven in a forest on his back and a large group of spiders decent on him as he looks back in horror.

    This is a node to the comics where Kraven has a fear of spiders and is one of his reason to take on Spider-Man, so as to overcome it.


    We also get our first look at Calypso from the movie, she will be played by Ariana DeBose. In the comics, Calypso is a voodoo priestess and Kraven's love interest.

    She has the power of mind control as well other forms of voodoo magic as well the ability to brew powerfull magic potions.


    The movie will also mark the first live-action appearance of the Chameleon, who is also Kraven's brother. The Chameleon is a master of disguise and can physically alter his appearance.

    The Rhino

    We also get our first look at the Rhino aka Aleksei Mikhailovich Sytsevich played by Alessandro Nivola known for his roles in movies like The Many Saints of Newark and The Boston Strangler.

    Unlike the comics, the trailer makes it clear that he uses some kind of chemical to transform into his alter ego.

    The Sinister Six

    The fact that this moive will introduce a lot of new Spider-Man villins many of who have been at one point of time mebers of the Sinster Six, could mean that Sony is trying to setup a moive in the future.

    In the comics the Sinister Six is a group of villins who team uo to take on Spider-Man, the memebrs of the group have changed mutiple times.

    The rest of the cast includes Ariana DeBose, Christopher Abbott, Alessandro Nivola, Russell Crowe, Fred Hechinger, and Levi Miller.

    Kraven the Hunter will hit theaters on January 13, 2023.