'I want you to be the older, wiser version of Maddy,' - Unveiling the making of Sam Levinson's mysterious role in Euphoria

    In a revealing interview, Minka Kelly sheds light on the creative process of Sam Levinson for her role in Euphoria. The character Samantha was specially crafted for her by Levinson, leading to riveting twists in the show's storyline.

    <p>Sam Levinson (Source: Complex)</p>

    Sam Levinson (Source: Complex)

    The Birth of Samantha: How Sam Levinson Crafted a Captivating Role for Minka Kelly in Euphoria

    "I want you to be the older, wiser version of Maddy," Sam Levinson, the creator of the hit show Euphoria, once told actress Minka Kelly. This phrase would come to shape Kelly's enigmatic role as Samantha, the wealthy young mother with an alluringly clandestine lifestyle. As reported by Vanity Fair back in February 2022, we now take a nostalgic dive into the genesis of this gripping character.

    Minka Kelly (Source: Us Weekly)

    Levinson's Muse

    Samantha's role was specially written for Kelly, becoming a pleasant surprise for the actress around her birthday in 2021. "I was like, 'Sam Levinson knows who I am?'" Kelly had stated, signifying the surreal experience of joining one of her favorite shows. However, the character brief was tantalizingly vague, initially only revealing a paragraph of dialogue. In a twist of fate, her electrifying dynamic with Alexa Demie, playing Maddy, led Levinson to expand Samantha's part, keeping the audience and Kelly herself on their toes.

    The Magic of Euphoria

    Levinson's ability to switch gears and rewrite scripts on the fly stood out distinctly during the filming of the pool scene in episode six. While this unpredictability could be off-putting to some, Kelly found it reassuring. "At the end of the day, the goal is what ends up onscreen. We're all here to facilitate his vision," she said. This distinctive approach ensured that each scene was brought to life in the most captivating manner, allowing the audience to delve deeper into the intricacies of Samantha's character.

    A Bold Stand

    The debut scene of Samantha depicted her in a sultry purple dress, injecting an intense sensual edge to her character. However, Kelly took a bold step, moderating the boldness of the scene by opting to keep the dress on, thereby shaping the character on her terms. Her stance echoed Sydney Sweeney's concerns about her character, Cassie's, explicit scenes. Both actresses’ stand led Levinson to adapt, proving his dedication to his cast's comfort and demonstrating his capacity to fulfill his artistic vision while respecting his cast's boundaries.

    Sam Levinson (Source: People)

    The Grand Revelation

    The pool scene marked a significant turning point in the series, revealing Samantha’s past as akin to that of Cassie’s, thereby comforting Maddy in a twisted way. "I used to have a little bit of an attitude," Kelly remarked, drawing parallels to her own teenage years, hinting at why the character felt so real.

    Reflecting on Euphoria's second season, one cannot help but marvel at Levinson's creative genius in crafting Samantha, a character that intrigued audiences and challenged traditional narrative norms.

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