'You're Playing Tommy Lee?': A throwback to Anthony Mackie's astonishing reaction to Sebastian Stan's transformation

    A year after Anthony Mackie expressed astonishment over Sebastian Stan's transformation into Tommy Lee for "Pam and Tommy," we revisit his awe-inspiring journey in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

    <p>Sebastian Stan and Anthony Mackie (Source: Popsugar)</p>

    Sebastian Stan and Anthony Mackie (Source: Popsugar)

    Anthony Mackie, an enduring powerhouse in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), generated quite a buzz when he expressed his reaction to Sebastian Stan's transformation into Tommy Lee. A year later, as reported by Variety, we revisit Mackie's playful horror and his sustained dedication to the MCU.

    "I Was Horrified": The Falcon's Surprising Reaction to The Winter Soldier's Transformation

    When Hulu unveiled the first look at Lily James and Sebastian Stan as Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee for the series "Pam and Tommy," the internet marveled at the actors' striking transformations. Stan's co-star in "Falcon and the Winter Soldier," Anthony Mackie, however, had an entirely different reaction.

    Sebastian Stan and Lily James in 'Pam and Tommy' (2022) (Source: Men's Health)

    "He sent me a video on set and a few photos, and I was blown away," Mackie recalled. "I was really surprised and impressed that he was able to do it. 'I was horrified. I was like, 'What are you doing?! You're playing Tommy Lee?'... It's just humbling when you see your friend and he succeeds. And he crushed it."

    "If I Can Be 65 and Still Doing This": Anthony Mackie's Unending Passion for the MCU

    Mackie's admiration for Stan's chameleon-like transformation extended to the former's commitment to the MCU. Having been involved in the cinematic universe for over seven years at the time, Mackie hoped to be part of it for the next two decades. "If I can be 65 and still doing this, I’m crushing it," he said.

    Sebastian Stan and Anthony Mackie (Source: Us Weekly)

    Initially donning the wings to play Sam Wilson in 2014's "Captain America: The Winter Soldier," Mackie's journey in the MCU took him from skepticism to awe. When first informed about a TV series involving Falcon and Stan's Winter Soldier, Mackie admitted to being "very skeptical and very surprised."

    However, the transition from cinematic to television scope exceeded his expectations. "I was blown away and surprised by how well they were able to keep the amazing scope of the Marvel film industry and take it onto Disney Plus," Mackie explained.

    Reflecting on these candid insights into Mackie's MCU journey, it becomes evident why this versatile actor has not only embraced but excelled in his superhero persona. As he marvels at his friend's transformation and expresses his enduring passion for the MCU, Mackie's captivating presence continues to echo in the realm of superhero stardom.

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